Indie Game Spotlight: p0nd

The style of p0nd is what I can only manage to call pixilated impressionism. We press the button only to make our character inhale and exhale once he consumed all of the colored orbs that appear around him. The more you succeed on each screen to more wild life beings to appear.

The Big Triangle in Game Design

An interesting article came to my attention today about the Big Triangle. For those who don’t know the Big Triangle is a concept that Scott McCloud explains in his book Understanding Comics. I highly advise reading the book. The link below is the translated post of the original. Here he surmises on the usefulness of … Continue reading The Big Triangle in Game Design

Norwegian Wood

I haven’t got a full intro ready for this new and hopefully weekly feature. Indie Game Spotlight is planned at the moment to be every Friday to highlight and inform you, the readers, about an independently developed game. That is a game not funded, designed, developed or otherwise made by a large studio, or in some … Continue reading Norwegian Wood

Uncharted 2 Mod Mode

There have been plenty of games before that have had a vareity and widesread modding community. Some games have even opened up their engines and provided tools so that amatuer modders could delve into the system morre deeply and more effieceintly. Unreal, Half-Life, and Neverwinter Nights come immediately to mind. Now Uncharted 2 seems to be a console game to add such a comprehensive set of tools.

PS3 Released this Week and is Green?

Coming out this week is the, smaller, cheaper model of Sony’s Playstation 3. Heavenly rumored and expected for most of the year and finally, officially announced three weeks ago. This is the week that in Japan and North America you can walk into a store and come out with the new version of the console.

How to Market Your Indie Game With No Budget

Despite what the title might suggest I do not have the answer. I have no made a game nor do I market them. Yet.

What I do have is a link to an article that explains what can be done. Most games live or die on their marketing. In fact I’d say all games do so, including the big budget AAA titles.

BoRT’cast over at Man Bytes Blog

BoRT stands for Blogs of the Round Table. It is a monthly challenge run by Corvus Elrod of Man Bytes Blog. There he describes a challenge and any that wish to take it up in a post can. For the month of January the challenge was as follows: Putting the Game Before the Book What … Continue reading BoRT’cast over at Man Bytes Blog