New Gotye “Easy Way Out” Stop Motion Music Video

Have you ever wanted your boring, dreary and mundane life to be the subject of a music video? Probably not. Directory Darcy Prendergast has put together a stop motion music video depicting the daily life of millions of workers around the world. Darcy’s direction has brought us a rather impressive peiece of cinematography showcasing the … Continue reading New Gotye “Easy Way Out” Stop Motion Music Video

Gotye – Music in Motion

I have a confession to make…I might have a minor obsession with Gotye at the moment(as well as Kimbra, but that one is not completely musical).  Gotye uses an extreme variety of styles in their music video compilations; from stop motion, animation, and motion graphics. Their music also expresses the same variety! If you haven’t … Continue reading Gotye – Music in Motion