Uncharted 2 Mod Mode

There have been plenty of games before that have had a vareity and widesread modding community. Some games have even opened up their engines and provided tools so that amatuer modders could delve into the system morre deeply and more effieceintly. Unreal, Half-Life, and Neverwinter Nights come immediately to mind. Now Uncharted 2 seems to be a console game to add such a comprehensive set of tools.

PS3 Released this Week and is Green?

Coming out this week is the, smaller, cheaper model of Sony’s Playstation 3. Heavenly rumored and expected for most of the year and finally, officially announced three weeks ago. This is the week that in Japan and North America you can walk into a store and come out with the new version of the console.

Flower: A Dad’s Expirience – User Experience Design

Last weekend after a movie I sat my Dad down and started up Flower for him to try out. Now my Dad hasn’t tried a video game since the mid-90s and those were the PC adventure games. We’d play them together. But given Flower’s casual nature, simple controls and pleasing aesthetic, I figured he would get into it and I wanted a non-gamer’s take on it.

Killzone 2 commercial – Engaging Motion Graphics

The ad for Killzone 2 has been around for a few weeks now and I’ve seen it several times on TV, which means Sony is learning from the LittleBigPlanet marketing debacle that games do not sell themselves. Most other action games seem to follow a similar formula in they show off the gameplay in quick short cuts of high intensity action sequences to loud nu metal music. The Killzone 2 ad takes all those ideas and throws them into a fire. Take a look.

Rock Band: Back in Black

I talked about the role the metal band Metallica has with the rhythm games as they were releasing a big track pack that week. Now its another great High Voltage band’s turn in the spotlight. AC/DC has long been wanted in the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but has only recently made the transition … Continue reading Rock Band: Back in Black

Game Preview: Fracture Demo

This is a demo, but its short, really short. It’s only a little longer than Heavenly Sword’s demo. There is a lot to go over in the demo. I’ll start with the most touted part of the game, the new environment changing weaponry. The main question that has been raised is, can this mechanic sustain an entire game? The detractors say it’s a bit too gimmicky and only one tool, while other cite Portal as a game that did that sort of thing well.