Amazing Worlds II – Stunning Macro Photography by Pyanek

This week, self taught composer and photography Pyanek invites us with him to explore a world invisible to the naked eye in his series Amazing Worlds II. Amazing World II Stills: Macro photography isn’t exactly new, but the usual gamut of images typically revolves around flowers, insects, and animals. What I appreciate most about Pyanek’s … Continue reading Amazing Worlds II – Stunning Macro Photography by Pyanek

Gotye – Music in Motion

I have a confession to make…I might have a minor obsession with Gotye at the moment(as well as Kimbra, but that one is not completely musical).  Gotye uses an extreme variety of styles in their music video compilations; from stop motion, animation, and motion graphics. Their music also expresses the same variety! If you haven’t … Continue reading Gotye – Music in Motion

Design Inspiration – What Music Designers Jam To.

So I’m not sure where this crazy idea came from, but I thought to myself: You know, I listen to music while designing anything, I wonder what everyone else is listening to? So I posed the question to the design community and here were their answers!

Rock Band: Back in Black

I talked about the role the metal band Metallica has with the rhythm games as they were releasing a big track pack that week. Now its another great High Voltage band’s turn in the spotlight. AC/DC has long been wanted in the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but has only recently made the transition … Continue reading Rock Band: Back in Black