Esther Stocker – Abstract Geometic Installations

Have you ever heard the expression ‘reading between the lines?’. It’s what’s required to understand the meaning behind any artist’s work. Esther Stocker manifests this idea in her physical work by forcing viewers to read between the lines with her abstract geometric installations. Esther is a Vienna-based artist with a passion for design, minimalism & … Continue reading Esther Stocker – Abstract Geometic Installations

Paul Villinski – Butterflies, Soda Cans & Art

Butterflies for a long time have served as a quintessential form of beautiful simplicity; however this is a beauty many of us take for granted. We spend our time staring at our mobile devices or with our head to the ground avoiding personal contact in our concrete jungles. Artist Paul Villinski revels in the sweet … Continue reading Paul Villinski – Butterflies, Soda Cans & Art

Jen Stark Psychedelic Paper Sculptures

Jen Stark has done it again with her magical paper. The very talented Jen Stark has released three new sets of colorful paper sculptures for us to enjoy in 2011. Since graduating in 2005, Stark has exhibited around the United States as well as in the UK and France. Both her sculptures and illustrations are extremely vibrant, and while her drawings seem to be abstract in nature, Stark’s paper sculptures are structured and geometric.

Wish @

A wish is a person’s desire for something to happen, a subjective thought connected deeply to a person’s psyche and emotions. Our intention is to tap into these desires and see what the world truly wishes for. Puddle is an interactive installation that allows the exploration of literally thousands of people’s wishes that are submitted anonymously. The installation will be on display at the Imagine RIT Creativity Festival.