Illustrator Alice Duke

Alice Duke is a freelance illustrator based in Liverpool. Her whimsically beautiful artwork serves as a testament to her imagination & creativity. The self proclaimed “Illustrator, heartbreak & smooth operator” has created a series of fantastic drawings, illustrations & concepts that make it clear why her work has been featured in books such as The … Continue reading Illustrator Alice Duke

Concept Artist: Kyonghwan Kim

Kyonghwan Kim is a Korean digital artist whose works pop up across Deviant Art, Tumblr and concept blogs everywhere. Kim’s work features a variety of character, weapon & armor design that are sure to leave you thinking “Why didn’t I come up with that?”.

Artist Spotlight – Teodoru Badiu

While tumbling through the vast creative universe, Creative Fluff came across an amazing artist who we at first could not distinguish whether it was traditionally painted or some sort of composited 3D scene. We quickly found that Badiu is a mixed media artist combining 3D elements with the traditional 2Dimensional techniques to create stunning works of art. But enough talk, just take a look at some of his work and let us know what you think: