Streetwear: Evolution, Design & Influence

Evolution of Streetwear & It’s Booming Culture Streetwear is an acquired taste, we do not all have the image that goes with baggy pants, hooded tops and baseball caps. Maybe we are just not cool enough, but as the trend of this clothing and lifestyle grows it could be time to start to embrace it … Continue reading Streetwear: Evolution, Design & Influence

Ralph Lauren Rugby vs H&M 2011 Fall Fashion Collection

I was going to write this one about art but then I realised I would have to actually put effort into it so I went for the jackets instead. It’s okay for me, but if you start choosing clothing over work you’re going to get in debt. Remember that. Anyway, here we go again. Fall … Continue reading Ralph Lauren Rugby vs H&M 2011 Fall Fashion Collection

Stella McCartney vs. Zara 2011 Fall Collection Preview

Ah, Autumn. Or Fall, as you yanks call it. It’s nearing that time of year again when we can go digging out the warm outfits and start preparing ourselves for the inevitable onslaught of wet leaves. It also means several short months have passed, so you ladies had better go out and get entirely new wardrobes. I’m not big on fashion. The only thing I love more than money is not being naked. Barely. However, for some reason the Fluff has decided that I am the best person to talk to you about the new Stella McCartney Autumn collection.

Numero Magazine Fashion Photography Showcase

Numéro is an international fashion magazine published by the Groupe Alain Ayache. It has a circulation of 80,000. Numero magazine has an interesting history. It was founded in 1998 by Elisabeth Djian, who is now the magazine’s editor-in-chief. When asked why she created Numero, Djian commented, “I was bored with magazines that told me how … Continue reading Numero Magazine Fashion Photography Showcase