Art, Photography, Film, & Design Submission Guidelines

First off, I would like to genuinely thank everyone that has sent in illustration, design, photography, film, and painting submissions to Creative Fluff Magazine for review. Our magazine is specifically focused on emerging artists that have not received the recognition or exposure commensurate with their talent and skill. For those considering sending work to our magazine, take a look at the submission guidelines below in order to greatly increase your chances of being featured on our website.

  • It’s important to try spelling correctly. We understand that there may be a language gap for foreign artists, but it means the world to us if you put the effort in. We reserve the right to correct english.
  • Please include a minimum of 4 pictures with a minimum width of 700px.
  • You must include a bio about yourself and short blurb the work you are submitting.
  • Have a decent sized and well archived portfolio on your website. Your work must be cohesive and demonstrate growth of skill over time.
  • If you are submitting photography of your work, make sure that the photos are professional, hi-res shots.
  • Please include links to your social media profiles (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Tumblr/Dribble).
  • Do not include Affiliate Links, we reserve the right to edit and copy edit all material, and these links will be removed.
  • We do not accept lists. We can’t stress this enough. Do not submit “10 Graphic Designers to Die For” or anything similar. We focus solely on one artist at a time.
  • Please don’t send more than 1 email. We look at all emails in the order that they arrive in.

For consideration, submit all artwork pitches to [email protected]