Yes Master: Igor-ian Personalities by Jake Waldron

3431386913_9d85c4fb9a3432200476_bf15271929These strange and rather lonely looking creatures are the creations of artist Jake Waldron. The mixed media sculptures are a fun addition to the world of art, each a embodying a personality and story that is more mystical than expected from contemporary sculpture. The different materials used by Waldron include resin, sculpey, upholstery foam, polyester batting, and oil paints, along with hand dyed and hand sewn fabrics.

What seems interesting in the aesthetic is the combination of elements from fantasy or horror in both film and animation, and visual styles that have appeared in the genres. Similar to a merge of Igor and Nightmare Before Christmas or other Tim Burton styles. The characters can easily be seen as being an element of their own adventures that are waiting to be told. With many of the pieces, the figures stand silent, or occasionally appear to have stopped in very slight movement creating a moment with the viewer that allows them to observe, wonder, and develop an idea of what this character is like.

More of Jake Waldron’s work and more information can be found on his website at and via his photostream on flickr.

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