A Few Good Tips: Photography

Photography is a lost art, lost that is in the midst of the thousands who take photo’s everyday. So how do you relieve yourself of this monotonous cacophony? Here are a few simple tips that I use when I take photo’s.

A few good tips:

1.Exploit, Exploit, Exploit

Whatever you are photographing exploit the natural. Exploit what is already there, the surroundings, the light, the subject, the shadow.  How you exploit depends upon the situation. Find what is appealing to you about the subject, find what makes this subject so unique, that gives you the “wow I want a picture of that” attitude. Find that and focus on it.

2. Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

Like writing a paper or a book, photography requires multiple drafts. If you have not used all your film you have missed most of your subject. You need to shoot from different angles, even if those angles seem absurd or make you look like you’re off your rocker, heck stand on a rocker and take the photo. At the very least you will get the juices flowing and the creativity going allowing you to take a new perspective on your subject.

3. Sit in Time Out

It is essential to take a time out. Do not delete your photo’s right away just because they do not look right. Wait, sleep, eat, have a few drinks, date around for awhile but don’t settle no matter how big her bank account is (instead give her my number). Like with any art piece, taking a bit of time away will enhance your perspective and give you a clearer look, a discarded photo could just turn into an overlooked gem.

4. Patience Young Padawan

Ok I know that’s lame, but you need to have patience when taking photo’s. Sometimes it will take forever to get a shot you like, sometimes you need to wait for something to happen, while other times things will just happen and you might get lucky, but we don’t want to be lucky, we want to be good and consistant. Consistancy is what makes a good photographer good. So be patient, do what needs to be done, put the pieces in play, wait for what you want. A little patience will bring results. But in the same lieu, remember to take as many photgraphs as possible, even while you wait for something, take photo’s of everything bringing an extra clip of either film or memory.

5. Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus on your subject, in this day and age it is so hard to focus, but you must. Pick a point, a place, a special place on, or in, or about your subject you want to focus on.  Keep that idea, that point, at the center.

6. Remember Your Audience

Who do you want to see your photo? Who is going to see your photography? Are you trying to be absurdest? Cubist? Minimalist? What is your intent? What is the feeling or emotion you want others to feel? Or…is it just a nice picture? You need feeling, just a nice picture is typically just that. You need depth,  most photos are 2D but to really shine you must make them 3D by adding depth and feeling.

7. Have Fun and Learn (Even the experts don’t know everything)

I know I know, every guide every tip says this, It’s true though, the more you enjoy something the better it will be. In the end you need to be happy with you. You need to learn from everything you do and from everyone you can, whether they are “not as good” as you or a million times better. Remember to also reflect upon your own work learning from your own photography and experiences.

That’s all I have for now, but if you have anything else to add, or if you even wish to disagree with me, please feel free to comment.

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