SubWars – Pop Culture Anime Inspired Madness by SeanSoong

It’s Tuesday morning. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. And somewhere at this very moment there is a subway car full of inconsiderate people about to have their lives cut short by a old man with a lightsaber because they chose to not offer their seat to him. Subwars, directed by Sean Soong is an amazing anime inspired pop culture mash-up featuring iconic Western characters animated with contemporary Japanese influences. Catch the video past the break and check out some of our choice screens below.

Lesson to be learned? The rules like “Seats for Elderly & Pregnant Women” might be arbitrary, but god help you if you break them.

SubWars from SeanSoong on Vimeo.

director: SeanSoong(
Original music: 〃囍〃[Ayo_Chen](

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