The Story of Sushi – Eating Sushi isn’t Chic. It’s destructive

Ever wonder where the fish in your dragon roll comes from? Probably not. You’re too busy taking pictures of your food with instagram to care about minor details like that. Bamboo Sushi has worked with a slew of creatives to develop a hand made short movie about the story of sushi and how it goes from the sea to your plate. It’s not an entirely hopeless tale, but it does paint a picture of the grim reality behind fishing for sushi and the vast disregard by Japan for international fishing regulations.

Follow narrator Jim Donaldson through the video that took 7 months in the making for 4 minutes of the real destruction caused by sushi fishing. Be sure to check out the still images to admire the skilled Set Design and Visuals by Lori Nix & Kathleen Gerber

The Story of Sushi on Vimeo-104701

The Story of Sushi on Vimeo-104900
The Story of Sushi on Vimeo-104835
The Story of Sushi on Vimeo-104843
The Story of Sushi on Vimeo-104852

Set Design and Visuals by Lori Nix & Kathleen Gerber []
Narrated by Jim Donaldson
Executive produced, written, edited by Joe Sabia []
Directed and photographed by Vincent Peone []
Original Score by Michael Thurber []
w/ AJ Nilles on strings
Sound Design, Music Recording/Mixing by Matt McCorkle []
Assistant Camera Andrew Brinkman
Gaffer Cory Fontana
Color by Gloo Studios and Prime Focus NYC

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