Rejected Memories – Photography of Buildings Forgotten.

I have been going through a backlog of topics that we here at Creative Fluff have wanted to write about, and I found a gem admist a pile of creative submissions from people. “Rejected Memories” is a series of Photographs by Ohio resident Bob Kueppers whose project stems from his interest in urban expansion and decay. Below is a quote from him about Rejected Memories:

“I’ve been fascinated with urban exploration since I took a B&W photograph class in college. While everyone was taking pictures of pets in backyards I was exploring abandoned factories. I like focusing on things that most people would overlook and I try to bring beauty out of a decaying location. [Come] Discover the beauty of abandonment.”

What I find so fascinating about this project is that with our current economic condition as terrible as it is, it’s great to see someone photographing architecture that is the result of our economic expansion. Below are some screencaps from the website Rejected Memories. Make sure to pay the website a visit if you’re interested in seeing more of Bob’s amazing photographic work.


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