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Pixelomics & Pixelwood / Dusan Cezek Animated GIFs of Famous Films

I would argue that animated gifs, specifically 8bit ones, are currently the pinnacle of modern art. It’s important to remember that:

modern art affirms the power of human beings to create, improve and reshape their environment with the aid of practical experimentation, scientific knowledge, or technology.”

Artist Dusan Cezek, has taken obscure moments from movies and transformed them into something spectacular by placing these moments into an 8bit environment, a visual downgrade from the high definition of film. Modernism explicitly rejected the ideology of realism and Dusan rejects the literal representation of story through film by reducing them to animated 8bit moments in time.

Dusan Cezek

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animated gifs

His first project, Pixelwood, featured less than famous movies (though many are well known) and once realizing the success behind his work, he went on to create Pixelomics featuring moments from famous blockbuster movies like Thor , The Avengers, and Spawn.



I have a lot of admiration for the creative Slovakian artist and I’m looking forward to seeing where he goes from here.

About the Artist:

Dusan Cezek is a fluent and capable ideamaker, art director and digital creative thinker. Specialist in startlingly effective rich media advertising, strategy planning, development and execution of integrated campaigns, websites and email campaigns.

He has been recognized for creative excellence through various industry awards, including Eurobest, The CUP, EPICA, Golden Drum festival and FAB awards

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