Pelbo – “Join Their Game” Subway Dance Improv at its Finest

What? You don’t ever get up and dance on the subway? Probably because you have those damnable iphone headphones in your ears keeping you in your own little world. Re-Enter the boombox. Man’s greatest dance catalyst. Take that, add some good beats, and put it on a subway car with mild mannered people and you have Pelbo’s music video for “Join Their Game”. What’s amazing isn’t the fact that the majority of it is shot with only 2 video cuts, nor is it the beauty of the new Red Epic camera; it’s that this music video truly captures the ready-to-rock-inner-nature of people trapped on a subway together with good music. Take a look at some of the screens below and get ready to dance at work. I know I did…sadly. I shall start packing up my cubicle.

Pelbo - Join Their Game

Official music video for “Join Their Game” by Pelbo, from their second album “Days Of Transcendence” available on iTunes. Shot on GrÃ¥kallbanen in Trondheim.
Director: André Chocron
Director of photography: Audun Magnæs
Impro choreography: Ingeborg Dugstad Sanders
First assistant camera: Henrik Flatås
Gaffer: Aksel Løseth Waade
Sound design: Daniel Lindvik
Colorist: Camilla Holst Vea at Storyline Studios
Producer: Hallvar Witzø
Shot on RED Epic
Supported by Boreal Transport, Sparebank1 SMN and Pizzabakeren (

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