MYOON – So Fast // Exclusive Interview with Director Olivier Chabalier of Gasp FIlms

Music videos are one of my favorite forms of art; it focuses not on traditional dialogue but rather a marriage of sound, music & visual imagery to create something spectacular. The MYOON Band recently released a music video for their song “So Fast”; a video which encapsulates everything great about the art form. The MYOON band is made up of the talented brothers Augustin and Charles Hurez from France.

When I first expressed interest in the video I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from their director Olivier Chabalier. Olivier is a film director for Gasp Films in Paris; Gasp is a creative agency who works on literally a ton of interesting projects. So Fast is the first collaboration between MYOON & GASP Films and it looks like the first won’t be the last.

So how did GASP come up with the idea for the visuals?

“SO FAST is a pretty trippy song, nonlinear, that takes its time, which exudes a certain melancholy. It talks about an oneiric woman, unknown, unreachable. All these aspect evokes something about dream. I’m a huge fan of Surrealism; I like images to have double meaning. So, for my first “whiteout animation video” I decided to make something minimalist in which the light would play a large role with weirdly dressed characters in an immaterial world. Our inspiration came from a Flemish portraiture of the sixteenth century (the framing, the attitude, the look, intense, cold and ghostly) and a painting by Arcimboldo (the ancestor of surreal!) which is of a fruit basket but when flipped upside down it becomes the portrait of a man.”

MYOON – So Fast Concept Imagery:

Olivier began working on the visuals by using a series of photo montages to try and establish the look and feel for the final piece. The tried to accomplish the same Arcimboldo technique and placed a heavy emphasis on using bestiary imagery that is reminiscent of what a child might have nightmares of (Del Toro would be proud).





So how did So Fast come together?

“I began work with Pierre Lota, a french designer with whom I have worked numerous times. From colorful costumes at first, we quickly agreed on the fact that we had to do something uncluttered in order to keep a homogeneous world. To process these Flemish portraits in a contemporary way, we wanted something stylish as if we were designing a collection for a fashion show. We therefore focused just on black, gold, and white. The Bauhaus style was another great source of inspiration for the design of geometric shapes.


Pierre worked on the costumes and we made several fitting sessions with Augustin, Charles and Sarah (The actress) in order to adjust the costumes and find the appropriate make-up.

The film D-Day we made up of two days of shooting in a studio. It was like a [running] a marathon because of the different kinds of make-up, costumes, light and the number of sequences that we had to shoot. Fortunately everything was well orchestrated by Clémence Marcadier, the producer, and we made it!”

MYOON – So Fast is an excellent example of creative working together to make something special in a small amount of time. Definitely check out MYOON’s album and don’t forget to look up the French Film studio GASP to see more of their work.


MYOON – SO FAST – Video directed by Olivier Chabalier
Costume Design by Pierre Lota
Produced by Clémence Marcadier
Cinematography by David Ctiborsky and Aurélien le Calvez
Featuring Sarah-Megan Allouch-Mainier
Make up by Odet Barrière and Charlotte Salti
Edited by Léa Masson
Post Production by Olivier Chabalier

Music SO FAST available now on iTunes :

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