New Music – Darin Bennett and the Requiem

Rock, Soul, Blues and a Banjo!

If you enjoy anyone of those genre’s your going to love this band! Darin Bennett and the Requiem have this really great old school earthy tone. The kind of tone that is reminiscent of crossing LA with the Deep South.

Holdin’ Me is a music video directed by Andrew Cochrane. The video uses a one shot comic book frame style to tell it’s story. The cinematography combined with the dusty setting gives a real wild west feel which compliments the tone and feel of the song very well. While some scenes do seem fairly awkward (The shotgun scene and the scene with the man in black chasing the other man in white) the overall flow of the film is great, and provides a unique viewing and listening experience I am sure many will enjoy!

I look forward to their next music video and I cannot wait to see what else the band has to offer!

More about Darin Bennett and The Requiem
Darin Bennett and The Requiem features: Darin Bennett on Vocals, Guitar, and Banjo, Gerrod Miskovsky on Bass, Redbone on Guitar, and Cosmo Jones on the Drums.

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