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Have you heard of the band Slow Club? You haven’t? Then I’m not the only one kicking myself for not hearing about them earlier. I awoke to an email putting CF in contact with the two person group and after a few back and forth emails we had an interview scheduled. I spent an entire day listening to both their albums Yeah So & Paradise (my personal favorite being their song Two Cousins). Slow Club is particularly awesome because they are part of the Dewars/TED collaboration and are currently working with King Creosote & The Raghu Dixit Project to create an entirely new, awesome & eclectic album. They will be recording this during the TEDGlobal week where Dewars is a partner. For more info about this awesome project click on the FB Dewars Link

Check out the interview below and find a copy of the transcript past the break. And as a bonus: Here is Daniel Radcliffe in a music video by Slow Club

Fred: Hey guys.

Charles: Hello how are you doing?

Fred: I’m good. How are you guys doing?

Charles: Good, thanks.

Fred: Good, good. All right, let me tell you a little bit about myself before anything. My name is Fred McCoy. I’m from CreativeFluff Magazine. We’re an online magazine founded in 2008 and we do a lot of work with young artists, filmmakers and musicians to help them kinda connect with a wider audience. We work with a lot of people who need a shot at the big time, because they’re really great and they love what they do and we help them get there. So, it’s a pleasure to meet you guys.

Charles: Nice to meet you too.

Fred: All right. Can you tell us a little bit about the history of your band? How’d you guys get together? How’d you meet?

Charles: Well, we met through a music group at school. And we were in a band together and then we formed this band when that band finished.

Fred: I took a look at a lot of your songs, most all of them, and I really like your song “Beginners” and I had just seen the music video for that one. But when I was thinking about your older music, I noticed that it was a lot different than what you had a long time ago. How do you view your new songs like “The Dog” and “Beginners” different from your old material?

Rebecca: I think we just grown up a little bit and when you are like 18, 19, 20 you write quite different things than what you would by your mid-20s I suppose. Well we have. Our (not understandable) have changed and we’ve played a lot of gigs and you start to kind of what to create a feeling and audience beyond what we could have with the first record. That was one of the main changes we wanted to get the crowd dancing more and get the whole thing standing a little bit more. It’s just a natural progression, it’s not like we hate what we did when we were younger. It’s just like any artist, you just grow and you write different things and most think recording an album is kinda playing over songs you like to produce something you want to sound like. So the songs we were referencing were totally different. The next record will probably be a further progression of that.

Fred: Yeah, I mean I’ve noticed that listening to your music it’s become a lot more refined and it sounds like you guys have become more comfortable and a more mature sound as of late. But speaking about your song “Beginners” can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the music video for it, which is phenomenal, is I can say so.

Rebecca: Thank you. We had a friend who directed videos had this script anyway that he wanted to do and we knew that Daniel was a fan of ours and we thought it would be interesting to see if he wanted to do it and he did. He was really enthusiastic about it and then it all came together. The script is not like a direct sort of storytelling of what the song is about, but it definitely creates the right kind of mood for the song’s lyrical content.

Fred: Were you guys really excited to find out that Daniel Radcliff was going to be in it?

Rebecca: Yeah, no. It’s really cool. We’re just excited. Even Mark is. We always got on with him really well, I wish I was seeing him. He not like someone you can welcome to the club.

Fred: Are you guys thinking of any particular direction of taking your music in with your next album?

Charles: We haven’t really had a chance to even kind of consider sound. It will probably be just a progression of “Paradise.” It probably wont be as drastic a change as from the first to the second. I think it will probably be more refined version of the last one.

Fred: Ok.

Rebecca: Yeah, we’ve not wrote anything for a while and we’re at a thing this week with Dewars that put us together with some other artists and we’re like collaborating and writing and recording. This is the first writing we’ve done towards the new record and starting to think about it. So it’s interesting to see what we’re thinking. And no matter what me and Charles try and plan it never actually happens and it’s just whatever comes out of our bodies ends up being the thing, so we never make much of a plan, cause we never stick to it.

Fred: That’s completely fair. We’re you guys ever under any sort of pressure from friends or from close people to add people to Slow Club? Like, “Hey I know a guy that would fit right in with you.”

Rebecca: To write with them? Is that what you said?

Fred: No, to work with you. To play with you.

Rebecca: Well, right now we have a drummer and a bassist that help us out and we got them in after the second record. But writing wise it’s only ever going to be the two of us and the lads we got in the band are friends. But if somebody wanted to play with us and we really liked them and it really works then we would. But we don’t really feel any pressure.

Fred: Can you tell us a little bit about your involvement with Dewers/TED Collaboration?

Charles: So, we came with Adam one day and we’ve been at an art space with a load of musicians who’ve been with King Creosote, ssss Trail, James Yorkston. We’ve basically been writing and recording together and trying to make a collaboration album.

Fred: What kind of music are you guys listening to now? Do you have any bands you’d recommend to people?

Charles: What was I listening to? New bands?

Rebecca: I’ve been listening to a lot of Charday. I don’t know if Charles is going to be into that sort of thing.

Charles: I like On Your Own. Features that cover song, “Be By My Side.” That’s it.

Rebecca: (Singing)

Charles: That one.

Rebecca: Their new album’s gonna sound like…

Charles: …Sinead O’Conner. And then Out With The World Boys.

Rebecca: And Mariah.

Fred: Are you guys pretty stoked to be touring with Mumford and Sons in the US?

Charles: Yeah, it’s going to be A. It’s going to be brilliant. We played a couple of gigs with them in England last month, which was quite exciting. We played with them years ago, we’re like old friends, we’ve not seen them for quite a while. It was very weird to go play those kind of shows. We’re not used to playing those kinds of gigs.

Fred: Do you know if you guys are playing on the East Coast at all? Around New York? That’s the area that I’m in. I’d love to see the music if I could.

Charles: We’re not playing the band in New York. We’re only the West Coast. But I think we are playing a New York show on the way back, which will be right in the middle of August.

Fred: Perfect. I’ll definitely have to come out and check it out.

Charles: Definitely. Get in touch. If you want to come down, we’ll pop you on the list.

Fred: Ok. Well that’s about it for questions that I have for you guys. It’s been really awesome speaking with you guys. I’ve had a wonderful time listening to your music. And your “Two Cousin” song is my favorite.

Charles + Rebecca: Thank you.

Fred: Thank you for taking the time for this phone interview. It really means a lot to us.

Rebecca: Your welcome. It’s been fun.

Charles: Hopefully we’ll see you in August.

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