Put a Wildfire on your Wall by Robert D. Jansen

What happens when you mix Science & Art (the two things I love most in the world) together?. You get awesome-sauce. Let me introduce you to Robert D. Jansen decided, an ex professor who decided drawing by hand wasn’t his style; why not let math do it for him instead? His abstract artwork is created algorithmically, one randomly chosen pixel at a time, from a randomly chosen set of non-linear functions set to random values. So what happens over time is shapes slowly begin emerging out of this mostly chaotic process (the shapes are callred ‘strange attractors’). He titled the project Put a Wildfire On Your Wall

When you converge pixels on the attractor and count their hit densities to assign colors it’s called a flame fractal. The artist contributes to the process by first deciding which raw random image to render in more detail, usually from hundreds that are generated; then by adjusting the relationship of one or more variable’s image plane distortion to the others;


The artwork is based on something called the “Chaos Theory” (how awesome is that?). He is currently running a Kickstarter campaign and when you pledge money you can receive some pretty sweet wallart. Check out some of the screenshots and go visit his Kickstarter page for more info.


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