New Gotye “Easy Way Out” Stop Motion Music Video

Have you ever wanted your boring, dreary and mundane life to be the subject of a music video? Probably not. Directory Darcy Prendergast has put together a stop motion music video depicting the daily life of millions of workers around the world. Darcy’s direction has brought us a rather impressive peiece of cinematography showcasing the round-and-round monotouonous daily routine of my office worker life. The music video features the new track “Easy Way Out” by Gotye. What’s most impressive about this piece does not come from the constant motion, but the level of detail when you pause the video. Each piece of the set was crafted with care and shows the level of technical prowess from the modeling team.

Take a look at the stop motion awesomeness below as well as some choice stills from the video.
Gotye - Easy Way Out - official film clip on Vimeo-114648
Gotye - Easy Way Out - official film clip on Vimeo-114510
Gotye - Easy Way Out - official film clip on Vimeo-113703

Gotye – Easy Way Out – official film clip from Gotye on Vimeo.

Video credits:

Directed By Darcy Prendergast
Directors of Photography
Andrew Goldsmith & Jeremy Blode
VFX Director
Andrew Goldsmith
Darcy Prendergast
Seamus Spilsbury
Assistant Animators
Josh Thomas
Jeremy Blode
Michael Greaney
Sam Lewis
Andrew Goldsmith
Paige Prendergast
Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Andrew Goldsmith
Jeremy Blode
Motion Control
Glenn Anderson
Art Direction
Darcy Prendergast
Editor & Colourist
Andrew Goldsmith
Andrew Goldsmith
Josh Thomas
Ben Matthews
Model Makers
Michael Greaney
Josh Thomas
Benjamin Aguesse
Set Builders
Seamus Spillsbury
David Pennay
Cody Sevedge
Benjamin Aguesse
Wes Starr
Jeremy Blode
Production Manager
Nicky Pastore
Cardboard Flame Painters
Fiona Dalwood
Shaun Stares
Nora Juncker
Giulia Sandri
James Bailey

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