Esther Stocker – Abstract Geometic Installations

Have you ever heard the expression ‘reading between the lines?’. It’s what’s required to understand the meaning behind any artist’s work. Esther Stocker manifests this idea in her physical work by forcing viewers to read between the lines with her abstract geometric installations. Esther is a Vienna-based artist with a passion for design, minimalism & use of forced perspective in art.

Esther Stocker
In defence of Free Forms, parte 3
Esther Stocker
Open Form, 2011, foam core on wall and floor, 7 x 5,53 x 3,7 m exhibition view "Lies and Layers", Hunt Kastner Artworks, Prague. Photo: Ondrej Polak
Esther Stocker
Nothing could be done - men were only men, and space was their eternal enemy. (Ellison) 2009, masking tape and foam core on wall, 355 x 620 x 785 cm, exhibition view House of Art, Budweis, Photo: Jan Mahr

While forced perspective is not anything new in art, Stocker takes a minimalist approach at installing geometric shapes in physical spaces. The arrangement of these shapes forces a feeling of uncertainty and mental chaos in the viewer by adding a level of spatial depth that does not actually exist.

The limit of man – Stocker teaches us – is his veil of certainty and control. As the artist herself asserts “Control is always what we do not have. This is the human condition. – Considerations about “La solitudine dell’opera (Blanchot)” exhibition by Associazione Ko.Ji.Ku., Genoa, Italy

What do you think of Stocker’s play on the human condition for order?

Artist: Esther Stocker
Contact: [email protected]

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