New Designer Label – Rebellion LevitatedINK Collection by Owen Prescott

There’s a lot of up and coming fashion labels worth looking out for. With the advent of KickStarter & Indiegogo there are a lot of creatives popping out of the woodwork to get their brand out there. Most of these designers last for a few months before never being heard of again. It’s safe to say, the Rebellion LevitatedINK collection is not one of them.

The t-shirt fashion line was created by London contemporary graphic artist Owen Prescott. The collection pays homage to London’s rebellious underground culture through the use of gas masks mixed with ancient cultural references. The fashion line is clearly steeped in imagery that is reminiscent of London’s punk rock movement and that protests during Margaret Thatcher’s rise to power.


What’s really interesting is the use of the gas mask itself. This type of mask is meant to protect the wearer from foreign contaminants, unlike a bandanna which is often used to conceal one’s identity. The rebellion line is not about anonymity in the face of government oppression, but instead about protecting yourself from the propaganda pollution that the government factories spew out every day. These figurative gas masks allow the user to move freely through public spaces without coming in contact with anyone’s political agenda.


Owen Prescott is a London based contemporary graphic designer who works in illustration, branding, 3D digital art and photographic mediums. If you like his work then please head over to his portfolio and if you want to see more of the LevitatedINK collection you can visit their website here.

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