Design Inspiration – What Music Designers Jam To.

So I’m not sure where this crazy idea came from, but I thought to myself: You know, I listen to music while designing anything, I wonder what everyone else is listening to? So I posed the question to the design community and here were their answers!

Designer: Fred McCoy

Website: Megalongcat

What are they listening to?: Almost Easy | Avenged Sevenfold |


Designer: Meroko

Website: Meroko Senpai

What are they listening to?: The Lost Christmas Eve  | Trans-Siberian Orchestra |


Designer: Jeff

Website: JeffreyGarofalo

What are they listening to?: My Bloody Valentine | The Pixies |


Designer: Ray

Website: Onomonopia 

What are they listening to?: Grizzly Bear


Designer: Eric Swain

Website: The Game Critique

What are they listening to?: Welcome to the Jungle  | Guns n Roses |


Designer: Angie Bowen

Website: Arbent

What are they listening to?: Black Market Music  | Placebo |


Designer: Aaron

Website:  This is Aarons Life

What are they listening to?: Explosions in the Sky | All of the Sudden I Miss Everyone |


Designer: Miss Leah

Website: Creative Wisdom

What are they listening to?: Mozart


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