The Realm of James Jean

I’ve been meaning to write a post about James Jean for a while. His illustration work is stunning and imaginative, with a very distinct visual style (almost like Asian painting meets Little Nemo in Slumberland). He works in several mediums and has done work for well known clients: Target, Prada, Rolling Stone, and Time Magazine, … Continue reading The Realm of James Jean

Overlooked & Underated Games: Penumbra Overture

There are quite a few games out there which have been given bad (or at least somewhat bad) ratings by some of the more prominent game sites out there. With some of the lower ratings some titles never even reach the ears of some gamers. But low ratings isn’t the only reason for some games … Continue reading Overlooked & Underated Games: Penumbra Overture

Creative Website of the Day: Creaktif

I stumbled across this website a long time ago, booked marked it, and had completely forgotten about it till I was cleaning out my Stumble account.  I decided to scroll through my websites tagged with “creative webdesign” and found this one (Lucky me for not deleting the link).  The Creaktif website is the online portfolio … Continue reading Creative Website of the Day: Creaktif

Living Clouds

I subscribe to LensWork Magazine, and in the most recent issue, the photographs by Wayne Levin caught my eye. Levin does underwater photography, mostly of sea life: sharks, whales, fish, sunken ships, etc. and occasionally even synchronized swimmers. I, like many people, have a bad habit of flipping through magazines backwards. So not knowing what … Continue reading Living Clouds

Top 20 Unique Wallpapers of the Week – 7.27.08

Hello ladies, germs, designers, and trendsetters. Creativefluff has decided to root through the high seas of the interwebs to bring you the top twenty unique wallpapers of the week. We even have little blurbs explaining why =D. If you want to get on the top twenty list and save us the trouble of finding wallpapers, … Continue reading Top 20 Unique Wallpapers of the Week – 7.27.08

5 Inspirational Website Designs

1. Kuler A creative an intuitive swatch color website from adobe.  You can choose a color theme, save it to Adobe products and use them in there.  You can also pick apart the colors on pictures uploaded to flickr.  This is a must have website for web graphic designers and possibly print designers too. 2.  … Continue reading 5 Inspirational Website Designs