Kontain Your Life

“Kontain is a free destination for visitors to blog and share photos, videos and audio with friends, family and even beautiful strangers. The launch of Kontain is a major milestone for Fi, and is the result of 10 years company experience in the interactive and web industries.” With better functionality than Humble Voice, more of … Continue reading Kontain Your Life

Flower: A Dad’s Expirience – User Experience Design

Last weekend after a movie I sat my Dad down and started up Flower for him to try out. Now my Dad hasn’t tried a video game since the mid-90s and those were the PC adventure games. We’d play them together. But given Flower’s casual nature, simple controls and pleasing aesthetic, I figured he would get into it and I wanted a non-gamer’s take on it.

Unique Product Innovation – Toilet Seat Handles *Shandles*

Creative Fluff seems to have attracted an eclectic and innovative group of people lately. A few weeks ago we were contacted by a group named Shandle. At the time I was like “well, what the hell is a Shandle?” I quickly found out that a Shandle is single-handedly the greatest innovation for single men, frat … Continue reading Unique Product Innovation – Toilet Seat Handles *Shandles*

Killzone 2 commercial – Engaging Motion Graphics

The ad for Killzone 2 has been around for a few weeks now and I’ve seen it several times on TV, which means Sony is learning from the LittleBigPlanet marketing debacle that games do not sell themselves. Most other action games seem to follow a similar formula in they show off the gameplay in quick short cuts of high intensity action sequences to loud nu metal music. The Killzone 2 ad takes all those ideas and throws them into a fire. Take a look.

The 13 Basic Principals of Game Design

I did not come up with these myself, you have Matt Allmer of EA to thank for that. Reading them over they make sense when you read them, but it is easy to see how they can get lost in the shuffle. From a game critiquing standpoint you can articulate why something seems off or … Continue reading The 13 Basic Principals of Game Design