The Swerve

Alright, So here’s the story:

I was sitting at home one day, humbly minding my own business, and peacefully watching “Green Acre’s” when all of a sudden just as Arnold the pig informed Mr. Drucker that Mr. Douglas had parked in the spot where he (Arnold of course) usually parks his bicycle MegaLongCat comes storming into my house, yelling and shouting in some far off language, (I think it was some weird cross between Manhattanese and the lower half district of Jersey city with a bit of Creole and Jamaican tossed in just to confuse me).

“Christoph hajuba relief check Wall-street discount seafood ‘mon!'” he exclaimed.

Which translated of course means “Hey whats up man? Let’s go party it up!”

Of course I told him I was much too busy to “party it up” as he called it, for I was trying to solve this conundrum of how a Arnold, being a pig and all, was able to ride a bicycle.

To make a long story short, Megalongcat handed me this package and said you should really check this out. The package read “swerve.” Apparently it was the worlds best neck hair remover. I wondered if he was trying to give me a hint, and then I wondered why he cared so much about my neck hair.

The answer of course was sewn into the fact that I probably the hairiest back and neck region (next to our barbarian friend Mageta the Bunny Pillager also known as Mageta Terrorizer of Kittens and Other Tiny Beings,  as well as the Dreadful Swain Train of Pain)

So I said ok, why not i will try it out. Megalongcat said “No, no, no, I want you to review it, take a look at it, tell me what you think, and then post it up.”

By this point in our conversation, however, I finally determined that Arnold must have been using a tricycle as that would have been the only way his feet could reach the pedals. (But then I wondered why they would have called it a Bicycle in the show, which is now still causing me trouble to this very day).


ergonomic_image swerve2_r10_c7

[Images from]

I took the Swerve out of it’s box and I gave it the once over trying to figure out how to use it.It was not until I pulled out and read the instructions that I fully understood.

I decided that in order to test it, I must compare it to other razors. I mean why buy something that you already have.

mach3_pack-shot m3pb_fullrevenue_na

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The first razor I tried out was a Mach 3 due to the fact that both had 3 blades and lubricant and what not. It was definitely troublesome trying to shave the neck area. I had to hold up another mirror to angle myself in the right position to see where and what I was shaving. After clumsily falling over myself and several minutes of frustration I got everything settled and started to shave.

Ow..Ow…Ow… you know how if you let your beard get somewhat long and then try to shave it with a razor how the hair kind of gets pulled out and your skin hates you for awhile. Yeah that’s what happened. It was difficult trying to shave normally which is from the top to bottom, so I had to shave against the grain, which on the chin is fine, but on the back of the neck it is a bit of a pain. Well, the shave went alright, and I hacked my back up fairly well. Now all I had to do was wait for the hair to grow back.

So several weeks and many episodes of Green Acre’s later it grew back to a point I deemed reasonable enough to attempt a shave. For the next test I used the same type of razor, however, I used the Fusion with 5 blades and vibration (I don’t know if that actually does anything but it makes you feel like it does). I had some of the same issues, such as the mirror, and the angling, but overall it was a much smoother and better shave than the 3 bladed. It was a lot less painful.

So now I thought to myself as I waited for the hair on my neck to grow back, how will the Swerve fair? It seems like it’s design may be more accommodating, but with only three blades will it hold up?

Well, the hair has grown back and I have just shaved with the Swerve. To my surprise it actually worked very well and I was able to get to more places then I thought…I mean…yeah holding the mirror was still tricky…but overall it was able to stand up to the 5 blade and out maneuver it. I think it works fairly well.

With all three of the razors  I used though, the clean up sucked. Neck hair and shaving cream all over the floor. I also felt kind of stupid. However, if you want to shave your neck this is the tool to do it with. I honestly do not know how it works on the back because shaving your back seems to be more trouble than it is worth (I would just Nair that if I had too). This on the other hand seems like a great way to trim down the neckline a bit when used in between haircuts. The design really makes it easy to use, much easier than I thought it would be.

The Prices Range from $4.99 for a single and $12.99 for a three-pack; both of which can be purchased from their website


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Top 13 Design Blogs on Twitter That Post More than Just Lists.

The title is a lovely contradiction isn’t it? Well luckily due to the lack of lists here on Creative Fluff I thought it would be great to dedicate one to other people who are more than just design resource listing websites and blogs. So here we are today with the top thirteen design blogs that I’ve seen on Twitter that fulfill that requirement.

1. @adellecharles [ Fuel Your Creativity ]

A new personal favorite of Creative Fluff, I’ve noticed that Fuel Your Creativity offers a lot of thoughtful food for designers especially in the realms of graphic design, branding, and web design. They offer a lot of found resources with detailed descriptions and analyzations instead of just posting links to places they haven’t researched thoroughly. Their interviews with other designers in the community are a great way to see the methodology and process behind their work.

2. @aaroni268 [ This is Arrons Life ]

Arron’s blog “This is Arrons Life” is a great source for not designers, creatives, and marketers alike. Posts like his recent “Building a Successful Development Team” give an indepth look into how you should structure your development team within a business. Resources like these are hard to come by and he has great tips for web programmers across the board that are worth taking a look at if you’re ever stuck in a problematic rut.

3. @mocoloco [ Moco Loco ]

There aren’t a lot of resources for Industrial Designers where you can find more in a post than just “This is a nice product because it’s shiny”. MocoLoco changes this by giving thoughful critiques of new products and innovations on the market. If you go through their posts you’ll find great posts on sustainable design in architecture and product design. Even if you just happen to like shiny things, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

4. @Colorburned [Color Burned]

Driven by Resources, the folks over at ColorBurned have managed to bring us everything from relevant giveaways such as laptop bags, to resources like brushes, graphics, and other miscellaneous items to be used in Adobe programs. Interviews with people such as the Art Director for Marvel comics offer resources to illustrators within the design community for getting a look at tough-to-get-into industries.

5. @creativefluff [Creative Fluff]

Creative Fluff is an eclectic group of young designers, artists, writers, and critics. Some of these individuals hail from esteemed design colleges such as Parsons, The New School for Design, or famous liberal art colleges such as Boston University. Creative Fluff’s Posts range from the minute and meaningless design resources such as desktop wallpapers, to essay (tirades really) of critical issues in design and ethics.

6. @DannyOutlaw [Outlaw Design Blog ]

Another blog that Creative Fluff has become acquainted to through Twitter, The Outlaw Design Blog captures some of the more interesting bits of the design community through posts like ” How to make money by giving things away”. They’ve created a great place for designers to go to and connect with one another. They have reviews of books and software and even tutorials to get you going on the design process if you’re having trouble.

7. @fubiz [ Fubiz ]

As you’ll come to find out, I don’t speak foreign languages other than Latin, which is dead, and could not actually read the content over at Fubiz. Luckily our team member @fiammetta137 could go through the text and together we decided they offer some of the most up to date happenings within the design community in regards to graphic design, photography, fashion, and product design.

8. @creattica [Creattica]

Filled to the brim with daily links and resources as they are created and published around the world by designers, Creattica has become a central news resource for designers to keep on top of everything new no matter what your field of design. If you need inspiration, resources, or just to connect to people in your field it’s a great place to get what you’re looking for.

9. @designobserver [Design Observer]

This is a personal favorite of mine. It’s hard to find long and thoughtful essays on design that are well put together and relevant to today’s world in design across the board. Their blog has topics related to design within culture and how the two are directly related to each other. If you’re leaning towards the intellectual side of design rather than the creative, you should check out their blog. Even if you’re purely a visual creative, they have something to offer you too.

10. @thedieline [ The Die Line ]

Brand. Package. Market. Repeat. The Die Line is one of the better blogs about branding and packaging design. Their name is aptly put, as they focus on bringing you the most up to date in packaging aesthetics. Their website has just undergone a redesign (I believe) and it works out in their favor by putting more emphasis on the product packaging inspirations they showcase.

11. @chrisspooner [ Spoon Graphics ]

Paper, cardboard, cardboard paper, pens & pencils are the sort of aesthetic you’ll find at SpoonGraphics. I remember finding them on my own a long time ago and I’ve always traveled to their site for inspiration and design related resources but more and more we’ve been taking a closer look at them and what they offer. Their abundance of resources in terms of tutorials are a great help to the design community whether you’re new or old so you should take a look at their blog for anything you might need.

12. @michaelSurtees [ Design Notes ]

Their recent post called “LOOKING AT: GOP 100 Deconstructing Dumbo” which features the deconstruction of the GOP image is just an example of the awesomely eclectic stuff going on over at Design Notes. They have create resources in terms of articles on design & the worldwide recession along with simple design related quotes to keep you going through the day.

This is of course Creative Fluff’s list of only a few great design blogs, websites, and communities that offer -you- more than just lists to keep you going. Let us know what you think of the list and be sure to drop all of these wonderful people a line.

The tape that binds us – Sun K. Kwak’s Enfolding 280 Hours

One of the most interesting exhibitions to date seems to take focus on one of the most mundane items in our everyday lives: tape.  Korean-born artist Sun K. Kwak has taken simple black masking tape (not duct tape which binds the universe together) and covered what is near three miles of white walls in it.  The creative Kwak has then shaped and molded the tape into vast, flowing murals that guide you through the Brooklyn Museum.  Below is a shot of the beautiful imagery she’s managed to create using the black masking tape.



If you’re in the New York/New Jersey area or you’re looking for a reason to visit the Big Apple you should make sure to stop by the Brooklyn museum and see this event before the wonderful tape-art is taken down.


Location: 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052

Telephone: (718) 638-5000; TTY: (718) 399-8440

Admission: Suggested Contribution: $10; Students with Valid ID: $6; Adults 62 and over: $6; Members: Free; Children under 12: Free

Hours: Wednesday–Friday: 10 a.m.–5 p.m.; Saturday–Sunday: 11 a.m.–6 p.m. Get detailed hours

Subway:  2/3 Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum Get detailed directions


*Location, dates, times, and directions taken from

“Hi, I’m the new Microsoft”: New animated tactics

Microsoft’s battle with Apple has been primarily dominated by the PC vs Mac war, focusing on the gaining control over the consumer market. Fairly recently, Microsoft has been fighting back with their own “I’m a PC” commercials, attacking the PC user stereotype that Apple has been using to sell their product… you know, the ones:

Since then Microsoft has thrown out numerous more ads like the one with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld going shoe shopping, ones like the “Not Alone” ad featuring an eclectic collection of PC users from every profession imaginable taking ownership of the phrase “Hi, I’m a PC…” and setting out to destroy the “I work in a cubicle” image, or like the ones featuring little kids using Windows Live to edit photos and create a dramatic mini film with toy animals, not only demonstrating how easy it is to use, but in the process also showing up non-techy adults.

Then there are the real PCs: a giant virtual wall of real PC users


The new set of TV ads for Microsoft’s “It’s Everybody’s Business” campaign is a creative motion graphics composition that flows seamlessly from one topic to another following telephone interviews:

“Some of the ads are very specific about the toll of a down economy on business, and how software and IT can help. We’re using real thought leaders in business such as Katie Bayne, CMO of Coca-Cola and Robert McKnight, CEO of Quiksilver, to discuss how using the right enterprise software in the right places can help entire companies come together to drive business results.”

– Gayle Troberman, General Manager of Microsoft’s Advertising and Customer Engagement Team, [From: Q&A: New Ads Explain, “It’s Everybody’s Business”]

The commercials do convey a more creative side of Microsoft than seen before. Created by JWT the adverts are in the style similar to Matt Smithson’s “What’s He Building” or Brady Baltezore’s “The Country”, or maybe a cross between. It has also been compared to the visual style seen in “I Met the Walrus” directed by Josh Raskin. Whatever you may liken them to, these commercials are unexpectedly artistic, and appropriate to the trend of corporations trying to upgrade their images, just as Pepsi, Tropicana, Payless, and Kraft have been doing. But instead of a change of their logo or major aspects of their corporate identity, Microsoft has instead readjusted their appearance in other ways. But what is interesting is that they chose to apply such creativity to commercials to attract businesses.

In any case, it seems like a great change for Microsoft’s advertising, and definitely more creative than Apple’s commercials, which appear so stably sterile in comparison.

More information also available from

Birds of Horror and Paper Planes: Creative Branding by Nervo Studio

Nervo is a design and animation studio that has done some incredible motion work, including a very captivating series for Fox Movies Japan for what else but Sci-Fi and Horror screenings. The very dramatic, sometimes violent, swarms of black birds (sometimes transforming into mass of fly-like beads) paired with a grungy backdrop of foggy foreboding landscapes communicate the aesthetic of old Japanese horror. For science fiction Nervo had also created strange 3D environments that combine the minimalism of science labs and parking garages with alien-esque landscapes and almost living fields of grass.




[Screenshots of]

So what has Nervo been up to?

Their most recent motion works include branding packaging for Microsoft’s Zune, a promotional piece for Adobe’s Creative Suite 4, a beautifully illustrated animation for PGI, as well as work for timex:


[Screenshot of]





[Images from]

Of course the latest projects are only as current as October of last year. Can’t wait to see what they develop next. All of their motion work is available in their motion portfolio at as well as print work.

Anti System: Repurposing for the Resistance

Remembering the hype in New York last holiday season on the evening news about the repurposed newspaper and envelope wallets… totes, handbags, etc. Why use old newspaper when you could use a skateboard? I think the obvious answer is it’s lighter, and less bulky as a wallet, but no, not skateboard wallets. Skateboard notebooks, or Sk8 Notebooks, Sk8 Notebook Minis, and Sk8 Shoulder Bags, all designed by Anti System.


[Image from]

The notebooks were an incredible idea. And while the shoulder bags lend themselves to a particular taste in style (just like the paper envelope wallets), they certainly are unique, not to mention durable. While it is small, the hard shell cover does offer some flexibility for bulk with its hinges, not like a hard shell suitcase, and certainly more stylish than the average fanny-pack.

anti-3-11212125136042 anti-4-31214214218849


Should Sk8 Shoulder Bags not suit your fashion interests, Sk8 Notebooks and Sk8 Notebook Minis also incorporate the skateboard shells but are, as the name states, notebooks. More of a concealed weapon of sorts in comparison to the shoulder bag I suppose? Some especially beautiful designs on the notebooks, like these:

anti-7-11212130106382 anti-7-21212130106402

anti-8-11212130070527 anti-9-11212129861338

anti-9-21212129861367 anti-9-31212161214296


And at a smaller and slimmer scale, if you’re still feeling more of the newspaper wallet style, Anti System offers an international substitute to the New York Times, using pages of Japanese newspapers, laminated, with a strap. Even smaller? There are also card cases.

news-1-11226584960202 news-5-11226585949725-1

news-1-21226584960316 news-5-21226585949809

news-1-31226584960413 news-5-31226585949887


All of these products by Anti System are handmade, but they’re so loved they seem to all be sold out on Tokyocube! Unfortunately, most information on Anti System Products is in Japanese, their main website redirects to here where more unique pieces can be found.

[All product images from Tokyocube]

Kontain Your Life


Kontain is a free destination for visitors to blog and share photos, videos and audio with friends, family and even beautiful strangers. The launch of Kontain is a major milestone for Fi, and is the result of 10 years company experience in the interactive and web industries.”

With better functionality than Humble Voice, more of a blog than deviantART, and easier than making it yourself, F-i’s provides an easy way for artists, designers, developers, and anyone in between to showcase their latest works. Kontain’s incredibly easy, 2 second sign up makes it just about impossible for curious and possible member-to-be to pass up.


Kontain currently has the ability to link to Twitter through third party connection settings. Soon a users of Konatin will be able to link their accounts to FaceBook as well. The site allows you not only to ‘Kontain’ your life, but to also:

  • Upload photo, video, and audio
  • Explore the most popular posts on the site
  • Search media and posts by keyword
  • Organize you updates, comments and media through a personal dashboard
  • See you ratings and popularity
  • Comment on other user’s blog and media posts
  • Edit privacy controls

Future features will consist of the ability to post in high-res, creation if media galleries and collections, messaging, groups, and more.