How to Become an Art Dealer: A Step-by-Step Guide

What a fantastic career path! Learning about, surrounding yourself by and selling original art – arguably the highest form of artistic creative expression. Here we have the essential rundown on what you need to become the next big art dealer in town!

credit: gingerpig2000


First and foremost you must have a vision. Each aspect of your art from your exhibit to your theme should reflect this vision with purpose and meaning. Consider each and every artist and artwork as a distinct separate brush stroke with your gallery and art dealing career as the painting. Each little component counts to create that one complete artistic totality.



From your vision and artistic ethos, you must be on track to forge your own unique personal identity. One that makes you stand out from the crowd (for the right reasons of course!). Within the arts sector you cannot get away with being a wannabe or a winger – you must take on a theme or area of specific interest and run with it full pelt. If you have a controversial or challenging theme of art you must follow through with it whole-heartedly and be ready to advocate and defend your art. Doing so will give you credibility and integrity.



In order to build your identity, you should focus on a specialist niche, focussing on a specific area of interest. You do not want to be jack of all and master of none by knowing something about everything, but rather, knowing everything of something! Your affiliates and customers will appreciate your discerning eye and the real depth of knowledge and expertise you possess.



Keep in mind your goal is to remain in business and to continually build up your customer base. What is of most importance is your dedicated network of repeat customers. It is these customers who will most likely be equally passionate and enthused by collecting and learning about art as you; they will want to build their up their own personal collections and want you to play an important role in them achieving this.



In time with this sound base, you will gradually become an expert in your niche. You’ll increasingly have your finger on the pulse – what’s hot, what’s not and what’s next – to be at the cutting edge of emerging trends and erudite of the trend-setters. This will keep you ahead of the game and able to anticipate what your customers will want. You want to plot the course that others will most certainly follow. You must also become well-versed in spotting forgery from authenticity.



The mastering of these collective components will begin to match the sum of their parts and you will reap the rewards in your reputation. This vital aspect of your identity as an art dealer is what will place you among the elite. Your name will stand before you and your astuteness will be recognised by writers & critics and will inevitably spread.



Discuss your art in an easily understandable, approachable yet informed way so that everyone can understand your art and feel they can and want to be a part of it. It is important to recognise that although it may well be self-gratifying and supposedly impressive to others to hear your expert knowledge, this will do you no favours in the long-term if prospective buyers are put off before their interest is whet. It is important to raise insightful queries, provoking thought in your audience and encouraging them to consider your art, forging their own understanding of its beauty and meaning. Ensure you move beyond the mere selling of pretty objects thus giving people a reason to buy!



You want to enhance your profile and expertise at any opportunity. Embrace and use various social media channels to communicate your art and expertise – being visible to your art community is key. Enable people to follow you on Facebook and Twitter, and link these with your blog. The blog can function as a means to discuss specialist trends or topics of interest of the moment and in turn, can promote an upcoming exhibition. You should also continually update your mailing lists steadily increasing your networks. Keep your comments and blog postings to a minimum – say fortnightly or monthly – to ensure your content is relevant and not annoying for your followers. Also join museums, art organisations, dealer associations and show up at art events and fundraisers.



Embrace and accept criticism. It is wise not to ignore criticism but to respond to it in an appropriate way i.e. via your communication channels. It is important to keep everyone on side therefore do not remove anyone from your mailing lists or contacts.


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Homemade Christmas on a Budget

So you have just purchased your first home. The home buying process and piles of paperwork are finished, the boxes are unpacked and the dust is beginning to settle. Now it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Most likely money will be tight for your first holiday as a homeowner and that’s ok. There are many ways to enjoy the season without spending a fortune.

Greenery, Snow and Winter

For decorations use fresh pine, twigs and branches collected from your backyard or a local park. Christmas tree lots always have extra pine boughs trimmed from the bottom of trees and they usually give them away. Buy a can of spray snow, about $5 and some iridescent glitter for around $2 then lightly dust the twigs and branches with both. Make a garland by attaching pine boughs end to end with green or black twist ties and add the snowy branches here and there. A wreath for the front door can be made by disassembling a wire coat hanger and shaping it into a circle. Attach the pine garland to the wire frame and add some red, silver or gold ribbon if you have it. Pick up some cranberries and popcorn for under $10 at the grocery store and string them for garlands to hang on the tree or fireplace mantel. If you have an extra $20 go to a discount store and buy a dozen votive candles and glass candle holders. Place the lit candles all around the living room for an instant warm & cozy atmosphere.

Outdoor Lighting

No money for outdoor Christmas lights? Not to worry. Make luminarias by filling brown paper lunch bags with an inch of sand and one votive candle in the center. Each luminaria should cost less than $1.50. Line your driveway, patio or front walk with these and light the candles when the sun goes down. The effect can be so stunning that you may never want to buy Christmas lights.

The Feast

Now for the big holiday feast. Shop around for deals on turkeys and hams. It might feel like you are spending a fortune for a $15 or $20 hunk of meat but keep in mind that leftovers can be turned into soups, casseroles and sandwiches. Also buy a large bag of potatoes and you will have a built in side dish for a week or more. With the money saved on holiday trappings you should be able to cover that first mortgage payment and buy an inexpensive bottle of champagne to ring in the new year in your new home.

Purchasing a new home and making mortgage payments puts a huge strain on the budget, especially the first year or two. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do Christmas in a big way. After all, now you have your very own space to decorate!

Christmas Party Dress Ideas & Accessories

Things to put on your body – Christmas edition

So I’ve been moved permanently to fashion? When I mentioned this to a friend they started laughing at me. The jokes on them though, because yesterday I actually ironed my shirt before putting it on so I’m clearly one with this industry now.

I was going to write this article about how it’s November and we all need to start doing your Christmas shopping now or else your family will burst into flames. I was also going to use SARCASM until I looked at my calendar and realised it is November the 21st as I write this. November 21st. It’s time to panic.

I had already bought most of my Christmas gifts for this year well ahead of time and was sitting on my laurels smugly, but unfortunately the recipient then found and opened them so I’m sort of back where I started. Still, it’s not so bad. I don’t have to worry about a lot of things this December, mostly because I am selfish and have no intention of seeing anyone apart from my mother. I’m sure that you guys will be poncing out to whatever horrendous party you’re inevitably going to be invited to though, and if you’re going to be out in public this December then you’re going to need some fancy new threads. If you’re going to spend the next month being constantly pestered by people you probably don’t even like that much, you might as well look nice doing it.

Yes, yes. I can see it now. Elegant party people sauntering round tasteful loft apartments, exchanging delightful noel fafferies and gift bags full of foot lotion. Ah, stuffing puffed pastries into your mouths with all the abandon of a carefully scripted supermarket advert. Delightful. Christmas is the time of year everyone pretends they’re not poor and blue-collared. If you don’t want to be caught out on the ruse then you’re going to need something nice to wear for that.

In fact you should probably have two. Like sand, ferrero rocher gets everywhere. You’re going to get chocolate on at least one of them. I may not know a lot about what’s appropriate to wear for myself, but I’m sure good at judging other people. I’ve picked out some of my Christmas favourites for your enjoyment. If you’re tired of resorting to the LBD every time you’re threatened with dressing up then try one of these fluttery outfits instead.


These black and white pieces are more approachable than the little black dress, plus look how happy and nonchalant those models are! My favourite is the JS Collection spaghetti strap on the left but sadly, was blessed with a cup size unbefitting of such a neckline. Those with a rack will do better with the Nine West scalloped hem, lest they get marauded by drunk Uncle Peter. Pair with a leg wax and some nice earrings. Both currently on sale at Macy’s.


Little Red Dress. Just as classic but with a more festive feel to it. The sleeveless sheath on the left has a beautiful pleated ray on the waist and can be accentuated with as many accessories as you can carry without falling over. The satin cocktail dress on the right will make you feel like a starlet and has the added joy of coming in both blue and green as well as red, all of which look fabulous. Satin rocks. Both by Calvin Klein.


This Suzi Chin chiffon empire dress comes in chocolate or uh…tomato. Nothing witty here, that is just a gorgeous dress. Has the benefit of being all fluttery as hell while accentuating a larger figure. Oh yeah, that would look fantastic on a bigger chick, mmm ye–ahem! The Evan Picone marilyn cocktail dress comes in a variety of colours too but I think the green would be perfect for Christmas events. It’s currently on sale. Both available at Macy’s.


If you’re feeling particularly daring, why not wear this pristine white Suzi Chin dress into a room full of drunk people holding food? Or if you want a piece you can wear to more than one place try the black Ellen Tracy belted piece which has the added bonus of making you look kind of like a spy. Both currently on sale at Macy’s.


Last night I had a dream that I was wearing a necklace made out of tinsel and it delighted the hell out of me. After a quick totter around the internet I’d like to introduce you to the chintziest piece of junk ever, the ‘Brilliant A-Ray necklace’ from Pam Hiran. It’s like staring into the sun and it will make you look fabulous.


Apparently the pewter look is back in style now too. The hoops on the right are called ‘boyfriend earrings’ and I have no idea what that means. I’ve heard of the boyfriend sweater and the boyfriend jeans among other things, all fabulous for desperate women or girls who want to date…well, girls. I’m just having a hard time understanding what ‘boyfriend earrings’ are supposed to be. Still, they look nice.

I own one pair of shoes I bought from eBay about seven years ago and I don’t even wear them. I have nothing much to say about these pumps. I do really like the buckles though.

Ooh, look! A bag and a watch. It’s Christmas so you clearly need a bag and a watch because you probably don’t already have these and you don’t use your phone to tell the time and I’m tired of writing this now. Sod it. I’m going back to Skyrim.

The Numerous Diverse Methods to Use Rubber Stamps

There are numerous distinct ways that you can use rubber stamps. They are excellent for artwork and layout work, organization promotion and instructional activities. There are many diverse places that you can discover layout templates online, so that you can enjoy some fun and arty inventive time.

Rubber Stamps for Arts and Crafts
A lot of men and women make truly inventive and wonderful arts and crafts utilizing self ink stamps. You can use a variety of various artistic mediums, for case in point watercolors or oil paints, in purchase to develop lovely styles. You can develop cards, wallpaper and a diverse assortment of artist jobs employing these options.

A lot of scientific tests advise that arts and crafts assist to reduce or decrease general stress amounts. If you have made the decision to buy some stamps for your up coming creative undertaking, take the time to ensure that you have focused some time to commit a calming time to work on your crafts each and every week. Giving pals and family a card that you have personalised is a very wonderful way to demonstrate that you care.

Rubber Stamps for Educational Activities
Several teachers and academic companies use stamps. Lecturers may possibly use date stamps to record dates on materials. Youngsters enjoy receiving stamps as a sign of of a good job. Also, stamps can be employed for classroom art actions. Pupils can develop styles and designs, discover about area and size and also function together on a joint course art venture using their rubber stamps.

Tailor made Stamps for Business Promotion
If your a business, you can use rubber stamps to include a personal contact to your stationary and company communications. It is feasible to order custom made, bespoke templates on-line so that you can brand your company documentation with your brand.  If you are in the creative industries, a personalised stamp can add a bit of flair and originality.

In the end, stamping being as easy a craft as it is, can make for a gratifying Do-it-yourself undertaking. If you want to go further with it, you could even progress to cutting your own rubber stamps.

Ralph Lauren Rugby vs H&M 2011 Fall Fashion Collection

I was going to write this one about art but then I realised I would have to actually put effort into it so I went for the jackets instead. It’s okay for me, but if you start choosing clothing over work you’re going to get in debt. Remember that.

Anyway, here we go again. Fall clothing designs, this time the Rugby range from Ralph Lauren, and I don’t…I mean, well who is this article even aimed at? Editor? Can people who read our free magazine actually afford Ralph Lauren? Can anybody afford Ralph Lauren? Well, whatever.

I was going to be all objective about this and take it seriously this time but then I saw the price tags and thought, “Ahaha…fashion.”

Oh? You can’t afford a hundred dollars for a sweater? Neither can I.

Listed under their ‘Fall Must Haves’ are four-hundred different kinds of jacket, meaning either they’re doing it wrong or something important happened while I was sleeping. And oh, look! We’re going British country chic this time! Fall colours and fabrics? No? Just…just farming then. Okay. I get it. It’s because our farmers are trapped in a miserable haze of perpetual Autumn.

These are the kind of casual-yet-dressy outfits you’d pick if you lived in a weekend-away brochure. It has the design, fit and style of country living at only three times the price. For the people who will spend a hundred dollars on a rugby shirt, I’m going to let you in on something: there is more to country life than leaning on stiles and gazing over yonder ruddy fields.

I know, I know…you’re staring at this $300 alpaca wool vest and envisioning a weekend cottage getaway in Yorkshire, strolling down pebble pathways with your significant other, wearing matching flat-caps, eating crusty bread. You might even see a real horse too! From across the field! You sure as hell won’t be riding one in $178 pants. Throw away that kind of money on a pair of pants and you won’t be doing anything this Autumn, including leaving your own house or visiting the back garden. Autumn is the season of sludge, rain, wet leaves and hidden poodle doodles. It’s just not practical.

Take a look at the ‘repaired’ slim boyfriend jean. Now, I’m not exactly sure what this name implies. Distressed, perhaps…repaired? That makes no sense to me. Either way, for $148 they will screw up your jeans for you. Fantastic. You must be the most lazy person in the world that you can’t ruin your own jeans by yourself.

This collection amazes me. I don’t really understand why anyone would pay so much money to look like they just woke up and threw something on when you can get that same look for pocket change. Hell, I look like that every day and I haven’t bought new clothes in months. I suppose a lot of people do say that a name-brand purchase always means good quality, but at $400 for a ruffled dress they’d better be lacing it with bloody adamantium.

Okay – formal wear, I get that. If you’ve got somewhere fancy to be then by all means, purchase those expensive outfits that you feel you need. That nice suit for a function, an elegant dress for a dinner or a tailored suit for a business meeting. I suppose that at least several times in your life you’re going to need clothing you didn’t pull out of a bin bag, that’s fine. But why would you spend so much money on casual clothes? You know what’s even more stylish than this $300 herringbone jacket? Not being a total tool with your money.

You either have somewhere important to go and you need something nice to wear or you’re just hanging around and you want something casual – and then there’s no need to dress-down and price-up, especially not when there are so many cheaper alternatives available.

Every time we go through this I suggest the cheaper alternatives. Thrift stores and low brands are just as adequate for everyday items. Yes, I get that they’re not going to last you the next five years but if you’re so keyed in to what you’re wearing that you need an entirely new wardrobe because the season changed, then regardless of the amount of money you drop on it, you’re going to be purchasing something new when next year rolls around anyway. What’s that? Hipsters have overrun your local charity shops? That’s okay! Supermarket brands are just as good with most collections based on the same base designs anyway. I know George at Asda, named Best Supermarket Fashion Range at the Prima High Street Fashion Awards, is currently testing the waters over in your heathen country and with any luck they’ll soon release their brand all over the states.

Until then, why not try something else? Like H&M:

H&M Autumn collection jeans ($19.95). Wear them round the house, to the pub, to the park, wherever. At that price it doesn’t even matter. Wear them anywhere and eventually, one day, just one day…you will wear them out by yourself. And it will be so much more rewarding.

$108 / $14.95

$248 / $17.95

$598 / $34.95

$178 / $49.95

I have never regretted not being able to swear in these articles more than today.

Ralph Lauren, Rugby:
H&M US Store: