Robin Guenther – Shaping Design Dialogue

As a principal at Perkins+Will and a national leader in the conversation linking public health, regenerative design and sustainability, Robin Guenther synthesizes newly developing ideas and diverse groups to further the values she promotes. Robin is particularly skilled at achieving consensus for sustainable ideas, a quality valued by clients as well as the many advocacy groups with whom she works. Her work has helped shape healthier, more welcoming facilities for nearly every medical institution in New York City. Robin joined Perkins+Will when the firm she founded, Guenther 5 Architects, merged with the New York office.

Peter Bristol – Established & Sons Light

Industrial design is getting more crowded everyday with a flood of designers trying (hard) to constantly re-invent the wheel to set themselves apart from the rest. Peter Bristol doesn’t bother with that; his industrial design work manages to strip away all of the fluff and bring the wheel back to exactly what it was intended to be – a wheel.

Julien Vallee – MTV Hits – Open Title

We caught wind of this not too long ago from out friends in Australia and we found ourselves interested in the young graphic artist Julien Vallee. We always enjoy sharing aspiring artists and designers with the world and we know that you’ll enjoy the bubble-popping, color-blasting ride that he’s got in store for you with … Continue reading Julien Vallee – MTV Hits – Open Title

Artist Spotlight – Teodoru Badiu

While tumbling through the vast creative universe, Creative Fluff came across an amazing artist who we at first could not distinguish whether it was traditionally painted or some sort of composited 3D scene. We quickly found that Badiu is a mixed media artist combining 3D elements with the traditional 2Dimensional techniques to create stunning works of art. But enough talk, just take a look at some of his work and let us know what you think:

Jen Stark Psychedelic Paper Sculptures

Jen Stark has done it again with her magical paper. The very talented Jen Stark has released three new sets of colorful paper sculptures for us to enjoy in 2011. Since graduating in 2005, Stark has exhibited around the United States as well as in the UK and France. Both her sculptures and illustrations are extremely vibrant, and while her drawings seem to be abstract in nature, Stark’s paper sculptures are structured and geometric.

European Loft Interior Design – Ando Studio

Ando Studio has managed to marry a happy union between European Modernism and South African contemporary art styles with their 2011 project: the European Loft. The European loft was an internal project to connect a kitchen, living room & dining area via European finishing.

Gaudi and Barcelona Architecture

Architecturally, Barcelona is famous for the works of one man- Antoni Gaudi. Although he was certainly prolific and his talent widely acknowledged in his time, Gaudi’s relationship with the city was troubled. Not all his projects met with financial success and his last great project was unfinished at the time of his death. In fact, it remains unfinished to this day, although the final phase of construction is underway.