Installation Artist Josh Sender

Mixed Media Artist Josh Sender is a 19 year old graphic designer, installation artist, and illustrator. Sender is currently studying at TCNJ and majoring in Fine Arts and Graphic Design.

More about Josh Sender:

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Spectacular Book Cover Design by Pietari Posti

Helsinki, Finland 1979. The land of Death Metal, Troll Monsters, and…Illustrators?

That’s right! You read correctly! Finland is now producing illustrators! So grab your Darker than Death eyeliner and prepare to have your mind blown by these spectacular book cover designs by Pietari Posti:

Naive by Pietari Posti

Right off the old Pesäpallo Bat, you can tell there is something special about his work.

Pietari Posti uses simple geometric shapes and lines to create contrast and evoke a sense of movement and depth.

When I forgot by Pietari Posti

Here we see the use of simple shapes and lines to create the scene, giving the illusion of a puddle in this cover. The brilliance of the design is, are you the girl looking down? Or are we looking through the puddle at the girl.

Visitation by Pietari Posti

Another very interesting cover, the closer you look at this cover the more details appear.

Kriptonita by Pietari Posti

Just another great great cover. If you cannot already tell by now, Posti uses many of the same colors over and over again. Reds, Blues, Blacks, and Whites. While the color combinations are simple, they really give expression to the setting and mood. They create a sense of time, a sense of being. A lot of what we see in the world is based on shades, and I find the shades Posti uses often remind me of how memories tend to look and feel.

These next few illustrations have a great sort of story to them, you can really feel the authors intent.

Belacio by Pietari Posti

The images have a real sense of motion and depth almost like a collage.

Bellaciao by Pietari Posti

There can  be seen an essence of emotion  within these images that is both expressive and introspective.

Bella Ciao by Pietari Posti

Although not a book cover, I could not let this next design go by untouched. It is absolutely fantastic, and I think you will love it too!

Bookmarks by Pietari Posti

These bookmarks are great! I found this to be an absolutely brilliant way to display the nature of a book (in this case Moby Dick). Here are what the bookmarks look like outside of a book (in case you were just wondering).

Illustrated Bookmarks by Pietari Posti

As you can see they are fully fleshed out, and look absolutely great!

About The Artist

Pietari Posti was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1979.  After graduating from Lahti Polytechnic with a BA in Graphic Design in 2005, Pietari moved to Barcelona where he has been pursuing a career as a professional illustrator ever since. Pietari has had been in many exhibitions all over the world including “Exploring the Lost “Art” of the Film Poster in Cosh Gallery London” in 2008. Pietari’s work has been featured in the 3×3 Professional Illustration Annual, PRINT Magazine European Design Annual and American Illustration 27 & 28.  Posti’s work has been published in numerous international publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Wired Magazine and Paste Magazine. His work is often credited with being “expressive, yet tranquil” and has been utilized in advertising, merchandise and apparel such as T-shirts, wallets and furniture. If you want my advice, I really recommend checking out his shop.

If you would like to learn even more about Pietari Posti, please visit his website or follow him on tumblr (I know I will)!

Illustrator Alice Duke

Alice Duke is a freelance illustrator based in Liverpool. Her whimsically beautiful artwork serves as a testament to her imagination & creativity. The self proclaimed “Illustrator, heartbreak & smooth operator” has created a series of fantastic drawings, illustrations & concepts that make it clear why her work has been featured in books such as The Lovecraft Anthology Volume 1 (2011) & Nevermore (2007), Self Made Hero.

Alice Duke Art
Evil Genie
Alice Duke Art
Tree of Life
Alice Duke Art
Alice Duke Art
Night & Day
Alice Duke Art
Pop Up Book

More about Alice Duke:
Her creative services include: book illustration, videogame concept art, visualisation for films, character/creature design, posters, sequential work, private commissions!/aliceduke

Concept Artist: Kyonghwan Kim

Kyonghwan Kim is a Korean digital artist whose works pop up across Deviant Art, Tumblr and concept blogs everywhere. Kim’s work features a variety of character, weapon & armor design that are sure to leave you thinking “Why didn’t I come up with that?”. Take a look at Kim’s work and let us know what you think!


If you’d like to see more of this artist please visit their website.


CONTACT : [email protected]

Keep Friends Close Anemones Closer

What is to come may shock, surprise, and even catch you with your fly down; but take heart, for although your squeaky red nose and ginormous carefully manufactured plastic rubber booties stained with the vomit of a thousand children illuminate you to your foes, if you find yourself in the arms of these anemones you will surely be kept safe from harm!

Red Anemona Lamp

Well, at the very least a bland and boring living space….

These Lamps Entitled “Anemona” were designed and created by Igor Pinigin founder of Studio Dorogaya.

Designer Lamps Anemona

As you can see, the lamps are quite unique as they attempt to recreate the structure and movement of a sea anemone.

Anemona Lamps

These lamps have the ability to be placed in all sorts of interesting formations and situations, and the sleek and graceful tendril like design allows for a fluid look, and a “life” like feeling when the lamps are placed together.

"Anemona" Lamps

“How do they do that!?!?” in an obnoxious high pitched whiny Erkel like voice.

Well, here is a lovely diagram (Provided courteously by Mr. Pinigin Himself!) of how these lamps work, it is quite a simple concept and by being such allows the design and implementation of the lamps to be easy, usable, and creative.

Visually Unsteady Lamps

As you can see, these glass balls inside the lamp keep the lamp weighted, while giving it the ability to be positioned in a variety of different ways. It is definitely an inspiring design piece, and goes to show that with a little creativity and simple physics you can create interesting and visually unique designs with virtually any medium.


If you would like to find out more about the “Anemona” lamp, or view more of the interesting designs done by Igor Pinigin, you can visit his personal page here.

Numero Magazine Fashion Photography Showcase


is an international fashion magazine published by the Groupe Alain Ayache. It has a circulation of 80,000. Numero magazine has an interesting history. It was founded in 1998 by Elisabeth Djian, who is now the magazine’s editor-in-chief. When asked why she created Numero, Djian commented, “I was bored with magazines that told me how to seduce a man. I wanted to create this magazine for an intelligent, smart woman who wants to read about art, design, music: not about stupidity – creams that take away wrinkles, you know, which is stupid.” The fashion photography showcased in Numero magazine features cutting edge fashion trends and thoughts for women across the world. Take a look at the beautiful covers and let us know what you think!


Numero 106

Numero Magazine

Numero 103

Numero 123

Numero 115

Numero 117

If you’d like to learn more about Numero’ Magaizne please visit their website:

Artist Daniela Uhlig

We have a super sassy treat for you today. This sexy artwork comes from Daniela Uhlig, a female artist, illustrator & painter working out of Berlin, Germany. Her style is in the same vien as pin up models of the 40’s & 50’s as well as pop-art from the 60’s and 70’s.
daniela uhlig

daniela uhlig

daniela uhlig

daniela uhlig

daniela uhlig


If you would like to learn more about Daniela Uhlig please visit her websites which showcase a variety of her work.