New York Fashion Week – Day 2 Recap

Ah, it’s the third day of the MB Fashion Week and I still have no idea what I’m talking about. There’s only so many dresses I can look at before I run out of adjectives and have to start admitting that, yes, it’s just a piece of clothing. I’m also becoming suspicious as to how … Continue reading New York Fashion Week – Day 2 Recap

New York Fashion Week – Day 1 Recap

Yesterday I was notified that I’d be covering the NY Fashion Week for you all, which started, well, yesterday. After promptly forgetting about it I went to bed, waking up at 3pm today only to discover that apparently things still happen even when you’re not looking at them. As punishment for sleeping on the job … Continue reading New York Fashion Week – Day 1 Recap

Gourd Lamps by Calabarte

Hell yeah. Let’s talk about lamps today! I found some pictures online of these awesome gourd lamps by artist Calabarte and had to know more about them. I sent an email pestering him for more information and he agreed to answer my questions. It turned out that he was a really interesting guy. Calabarte studied … Continue reading Gourd Lamps by Calabarte

Indie Game Spotlight: p0nd

The style of p0nd is what I can only manage to call pixilated impressionism. We press the button only to make our character inhale and exhale once he consumed all of the colored orbs that appear around him. The more you succeed on each screen to more wild life beings to appear.

Stella McCartney vs. Zara 2011 Fall Collection Preview

Ah, Autumn. Or Fall, as you yanks call it. It’s nearing that time of year again when we can go digging out the warm outfits and start preparing ourselves for the inevitable onslaught of wet leaves. It also means several short months have passed, so you ladies had better go out and get entirely new wardrobes. I’m not big on fashion. The only thing I love more than money is not being naked. Barely. However, for some reason the Fluff has decided that I am the best person to talk to you about the new Stella McCartney Autumn collection.

Illustrator Kamila Stankiewicz

When I was asked to pick the Artist of the Day, many, many days ago, I immediately thought of Kamila Stankiewicz as an artist whose style stands out amongst the many artists I’ve browsed over the years. Five years ago I stumbled across one of her images online and was immediately hooked on her heavy, … Continue reading Illustrator Kamila Stankiewicz