Patrik Bundeli is saving the balls!

The humorous name is not simply an attempt at something vulgar. Save the balls! is a project created by Patrik Bundeli with a very interesting concept. It seems that these creative pieces developed out of a determination to quit smoking. Each ball representing one instance in which he had the urge to pick up a … Continue reading Patrik Bundeli is saving the balls!

Incredible Illustrations by Irina Vinnik

The divine images here hold a similar quality to old illuminated texts in beauty and detail. Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, artist Irina Vinnik is the creator, with a strong body of work that shows her unique range of subjects. Below are some examples. More of her work is available for view on her Behance … Continue reading Incredible Illustrations by Irina Vinnik

Microbo: Microbiology in Art

An exciting find, these paintings are from the artist known as Microbo and a collection of microbe inspired paintings and sketches. As so wonderfully described by Harlan Levey from Modart Magazine: “Recognized for her sensitive visual language, Microbo’s original aesthetic universe has risen her to a role where she is perceived as an early and … Continue reading Microbo: Microbiology in Art

Fluffery Update: Designer Gallery is Getting Full!

In case you’ve been asleep, or ignoring us, we’ve made some big changes to The Fluffery and just featured some new websites in our collection. We’ve got Elegant Themes, Design 55, Illustrator Marc Gregors and many more. Come check us out and make sure to submit YOUR design work and get featured in The Fluffery

Upcoming Tech – Procedurally-Generated City

So I was messing around the internet was I was passed this link. Video Games, specifically open world sandbox type games, have a notion of external architecture, but little to no internal architecture. Basically you see the outside to a lot of buildings, but you either aren’t allowed inside of them or into only some of them. One marketing bullet point on the game True Crime: Streets of NY that extolled the game on being larger than any before it by having at least one building a block be enterable.