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Modern Masters: Nature Inspired Sculptures by Ellen Jewett

Welcome to an installment of Modern Masters, a curated segment on Creative Fluff where we explore lesser known contemporary artists that have truly mastered their craft. We spotlight these artists to give them the recognition and exposure they deserve. Sit back, relax, and we hope you enjoy their work.

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Today’s artist is a Canadian-based sculptress, anthropology major, and all-round neat lady. Ellen Jewett started experimenting with her craft at a young age, and being interested in nature and biological narratives, slowly evolved her talent into the exquisite pieces of art that are available on show today.

The majority of her work is based on animals, from the natural to the mythical, each of these beautiful figurines seem imbued with her magical sense of etherealism. These delicate and intricate sculptures feel as if they stepped straight out of a fairytale.

Creatures from El

After completing courses in Biological Anthropology and Fine Art in 2007, Ellen Jewett has since been working as a full-time studio artist, currently located in Ontario. Aside from showing her works in galleries across Canada, she also takes on commissions for private custom pieces. Likewise, her professional commissions aren’t limited to figurines either. From life-sized statues to murals, props and promotional sculptures, Ellen Jewett is a multi-faceted darling with a penchant for the fantastical.

Creatures from El

You only need to look at these works yourself to see all the incredibly mushy words I’m using to describe them are totally appropriate. Unlike the surviving shreds of my thesaurus, these figurines are lovingly crafted with the utmost care. You can plainly see the years of practice and perseverance that have gone into the making of such pieces. The attention to detail from the smallest tufts of fur to the spindling frailty of feathers, these are treasures you just can’t buy from a manufacturer. They’re special.

Ellen Jewett

Ellen Jewett is truly a professional and, uh, probably a wizard. I’ll never know how she does this magical stuff but Jewett also enjoys teaching others as well. She passes along her secrets during workshops and classes aimed at both adults and children. If you’re fortunate enough to be Ontario, keep an eye on her website in the hopes she’ll be helping out at a location near you.

Her latest gallery involvement will be at the group art exhibition Futurology, beginning on the 23rd of this month. If you’re in Santa Monica from then until April 13th, it would be well worth stopping by.

When she’s not hand-crafting miracles, Ellen Jewett also enjoys hiking, organic farming, training animals and volunteering with women’s crisis counselling. She’s super.

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