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Modern Baseball – “Your Graduation” Directed by Kyle Thrash

Music videos aim to marry the visual with the auditory in a way that best expresses the personality of both song and composer. It’s a tricky business and the majority of these undertakings usually resort to tried and tired tropes. Rap video? Get some girls shaking their butts, maybe some spinning rims if we’re feeling classy. Indie rock song? Someone smash light-bulbs on the ground and then cut to a macro shot with a slow-motion filter.

It’s not that ropes are inherently bad, it’s how we communicate a vast amount of ideas in a short amount of time – for example a woman wearing a red dress in a mostly black and white film means something very specific: the femme fatale.

Modern Baseball    Your Graduation  1

Modern Baseball    Your Graduation  3

The band, Modern Baseball released a music video for their song “Your Graduation” which was directed by Kyle Thrash. Unsurprisingly, the band started out as a group of high school friends and their music has evolved into an indie rock sound infused with pop and punk.

What I appreciate about both the band and direction by Kyle is how it accurately captures the awkwardness of our teenage years. The use of a main character who doesn’t look like the typical young male protagonist brings the visuals a bit closer to home. At some point, we were all the fat/weird/different/boring/creepy kid in school. Each shot is able to stand on its own and serves as a testament to the skillful use of cinematography. The video tells a story, a tale which most of us are familiar with in one form or another.

Modern Baseball    Your Graduation 4

Modern Baseball    Your Graduation  2

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CAST (In Order of Appearance)
Natalie Merlino, Anne Marie Rymal, Janelle Engle, Cristiana Caruso, Julie Mercik, Virginia Lawler, Lucy Stone, Danielle Brief

Director: Kyle Thrash
Producer: Demetrios Tzamaras
Writer: Kyle Thrash, Ashley Smith
1st AD: Kristina Massie
Director of Photography: Eric Teti, Vince Tuths
1st AC: Mike Koziel
Gaffer: Michael Piantadosi
Key Grip: Jacob Overholt
Grip: Anthony Marotta, Adam Roberts, Josh Brede
Set Dec/Props: Holland Messina, Connie Chung
Hair & Makeup / Wardrobe: Erica Dillman, Ashley Bandier
Rain Machine Operator: Marc Tobash, Donovan Batts, Casey Worron


Editor: John Komar @ Kinarf LLC
Assistant Editor: Lyle Zanca
Colorist: Samuel Gursky @ Irving Harvey
Guitar/Vocals: Brendan Lukens
Guitar: Jacob Ewald
Bass: Ian Farmer
Drums/Vocals: Sean Huber
Special Thanks: Eric Osman, Run For Cover Records, Philadelphia Film Office, Evan Kaucher and everyone @ The El House

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