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Metronomy – Love Letters / Happy Valentines Day from Creative Fluff

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Just in time to celebrate the international day of love is the music video for ‘Love Letters’ by Metronomy. The man behind the music video is none other than French film director Michel Gondry known for his creative visual style and his ability to manipulate mise en scène.

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Throughout the video you’ll notice Gondry’s aesthetic by how the objects are positioned in various scenes within the music video. The juxtaposition of two dimensional and three dimensional elements creates a fantastical, yet immersive environment that best captures Metronomy’s fun flowing rhythm and personality. What I find most impressive about the music video is how it draws inspiration from the Beatles’s earlier animated music videos while maintaining it’s individuality. The video comes alive as a postmodernist painting playing out in the real world.

Metronomy   Love Letters-r100

Enjoy our stills from the music video and be sure to check out the rest of Metronomy’s discography.

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Directed by Michel Gondry
Production Company: Partizan
Executive Producer: Zeynep Gizem DE LOECKER
Producer: Khalid TAHHAR
Production Coordinator: Shirley MONSARRAT
Director of Photography: Christophe BEAUCARNE
Production Designer: Stéphane ROZENBAUM
Illustration artist: Etienne CHARRY
Head painter: Jérôme CLAVIER
Stylist: Liate COHEN
Stylist: Florence FONTAINE
Hair & Make-up: Cindy BOHNN
Gaffer: Jean-Pierre LACROIX
Location Manager: Allende QUINTON
Post production Company: ROYAL POST
Post production Manager: Nathalie DE BERNARDINIS
Colourist: Julien HERY
Label: Because
Commissinoner: Jane Third

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