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I have a confession to make…I might have a minor obsession with Gotye at the moment(as well as Kimbra, but that one is not completely musical).  Gotye uses an extreme variety of styles in their music video compilations; from stop motion, animation, and motion graphics. Their music also expresses the same variety! If you haven’t listened I guarantee you will fall pretty hard for it.

Their music is, like their videos, is surreal, and after watching, I often question my sobriety.

Somebody That I Used to Know

This video is really quite simple, and yet greatly complex to make. It uses stop motion to create a “picture” that is representative of “his” world and the creation thereof. As Kimbra quite nicely displays, she disintegrates from his world by slow removal of the paint, till she is no longer in his world. I really enjoy this video a lot, and as you can see by the near 50 million youtube views in the past 6 months, everyone else does too. Although, I wonder if that is not partially due to Kimbra, but that might be my own little world! (Shush, I already get made fun of for being attracted to Natalie Portman!)


Bronte has a unique yet familiar style to it’s animation, it makes me think of what Ponyo would look like if made in Canada. It was animated by Ari Gibson, an Australian illustrator and Animator. The style however, makes me think Canada, as opposed to Australia.  Anyways, here is a qoute from Ari on the film:

A fairy tale, dream-like. A world of bright sunlight and vibrant saturated colour, that matures as time passes, becoming harder, more real, until finally only fragments remain of the world now lost.
Within this vanishing world, a herd of creatures: quiet, ancient and wild. Creatures forgotten by time, alive now only in the memories of a young woman.

Thanks For Your Time

I will leave you all with this video, completely surreal. It was put together by Lucy Dyson, who i think did a great job creating the atmosphere and frustration of calling for help from customer service!
To View more, visit their youtube channel! You will not be disappointed!
Feel Free to comment! I hope you enjoyed this videos as much as I have!


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