Daphne and the Fuzz - Burn Down Your House

Daphne and the Fuzz – Burn Down Your House

The music video for Burn Down Your House by Daphne and the Fuzz is an excellent example of doing more with less. Shot with a GoPro (or something similar), the video takes the point of view of the singer as she dances through a small apartment while singing tunes. Edited by Daphne Lz herself, the video relies on clever editing to create an imaginary world that perfectly matches the unique sound of the band. Amazing, high-quality, music videos used to be available only to those who had a large budget and could afford the space as well as the equipment to produce something truly compelling. As Daphne, and other modern artists continue to show us, this is no longer the case. Utilizing cheap technology, artists like Daphne can create wondrous worlds that fit their band’s aesthetic without needing to bring in costly outside help.

Artist Information:

Daphne ‘n the FuzZz is a four piece pop/ indie rock band formed in September of 2012 in Athens Greece. Their compositions and FuzZzy sound comes from mixing pop rock forms with diverse musical influences.


Daphne and the Fuzz – “Burn Down Your House”
From the album “Daphne and the Fuzz”
Purchase on: iTunes smarturl.it/xy6ui2
Inner Ear Site: smarturl.it/kvrx11
Bandcamp: smarturl.it/0jgm8x
Amazon: smarturl.it/h5ca47
Music, Lyrics: Daphne Lz
Directed & Edited by Daphne Lz
Assistant Director & Production Manager: Afroditi Tavri
Production Assistants & Lighting Technicians: Alexandra Aurora, Hades, Jo Capralou, Kitty Kentezi

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