Meet ARTIBITE: The Best Damn Motion Graphic Studio in The Netherlands

Ah, The Netherlands. Home of my favorite football team as well as a large slew of famous classical painters such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen, Jacob van Ruysda and many more. It should come as no surprise that The Netherlands is still spitting out creatives left and right. Today, we find The Netherlands giving the world the best damn motion graphic studio in the European Union.

Meet ARTIBITE: a motion graphics agency founded in 2009 by Kevin Megens (formally from creative agency Karma). “ARTIBITE believes in team work with all kinds of people; clients, artists, freelancers, your grannie… whoever inspires on the right moment. Because collaboration is expanding possibilities of one individual. Every person in life can surprise you, help you catch new ideas or see things in a different context.”

We were introduced to their film “Pivot” a fresh take on the phrase “The hunter becomes the hunted” and after watching it we could not help but track down the creatives behind the animation to learn more about them.

Pivot from Pivot on Vimeo.

After reaching out to them, we were finally able to score a one of a kind interview with the motion graphic studio. Curious to hear what ARTIBITE has to say about their process and technique? Just check out the interview below:

Q: Why the name “ARTIBITE”?
The name Artibite represents multiple things, ‘Arti’ relates to ‘artistic’. Bite has a double significance; the digital bit, because we work with computers and all the products we make exist of bits and bytes.
Bite also means ‘biting’ and refers to great determination and persistence, we want to achieve something and do not let go our goals. This is based on a Dutch proverb: bite something, like a dog who doesn’t want to lose his bone.

artibite motion graphic studio

Q: How did the ARTBITE team meet and decide to form the studio that you are now?
Artibite is a network of creatives who all share the same passion for creation. The success is based on the philosophy of collaboration. I believe combining different skills and talent is necessary to create a good product. The chance that a good art director is also the best animation artist in the area is very small, so all the creatives in the network focus on their skills and cooperate. Artibite is the glue in this process.

artibite motion graphic studio

Q: Can you give us some insight to trends in the Netherlands motion graphic industry?
The motion design industry in The Netherlands is limited. I believe that the different subcultures in the motion design world are not necessarily country or region related. However, a certain minimalism and abstraction might be some subtle distinctive features in our work based on Dutch Design.

artibite motion graphic studio

Q: We see that you guys share a studio with 5 over motion graphic companies. Do you guys collaborate regularly? Or is it more of a competition between your firms?
All the companies in our studio continuously collaborate. I believe collaborating leads to better results than competition. With this strategy, we can be as big as we want. We can accept major assignments, with everyone involved, but also the smaller jobs, which we can do independently.
Another reason why we joined forces is inspiration. We have brainstorm sessions and show each other our work.

artibite motion graphic studio

Q: WE love your piece “Pivot” – do you mind sharing the inspiration behind it with us?
The basic storyline of Pivot is developed by a small production company Illuster. They wanted the idea to be worked out in a short animated film. At that time I shared a studio with Floris Vos (Soulbase), Andre Bergs and Arno de Grijs (Plastiek). With this team we have further developed the script and applied for the job. The characteristic style of Pivot is inspired on Saul Bass, one of the first motion designers who became famous for his title sequences for several Hitchcock movies in de late fifties and sixties. It’s very graphic and conceptual. Pixar and Disney animation try to pursue reality, we did the opposite. We wanted to make it as abstract and graphic as possible. At one point we even tested if triangular pupils would work, but that was a bit to graphic. We were searching for boundaries of reality and abstraction. How far can you go in abstraction without losing recognition of characters and emotion?

artibite motion graphic studio

Q: What inspires you and your team? What drives you to create beautiful work?
We find inspiration everywhere. Every form of art can be inspiring, but even daily life can give you great ideas. One of the greatest benefits of working together is that you see, hear and talk about the work of other creatives. Every impression can be combined into new ideas.

artibite motion graphic studio

Q: Do you have any new projects you’re working on that you’d like to share with us?
At the moment we’re very busy creating an identity for a Dutch public television network, BNN. It’s very exciting because we’re doing something we never did before: working with film. We combine film with animation, 3d and photography. The BNN celebrities are running around in the city, jump against the wall and turn into a sticker. It will be online very soon!

BNN 2012 Imagospot 01 from Kevin Megens on Vimeo.

Q: Finally, do you have any advice for aspiring motion graphic designers?
Be original and believe in your ideas. Don’t be afraid to try something new, the fact something hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it’s impossible. And show your work, even if you’re the best animator in the world, no one will find you if you lock yourself up in your attic room.

Want to see more awesome ARTIBITE stuff?

Check out their demo reel below:

ARTIBITE Reel 2011 from Kevin Megens on Vimeo.

Contact Information:
Lange Nieuwstraat 105 | 3512 PG | Utrecht, The Netherlands
KVK: 30245674
BTW: NL1651.25.512.B01

0031 (0)6 425 436 71

[email protected]


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