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Information Visualization Animation – Network by Michael Rigley

Information visualization is all the rage recently with everyone trying to turn their data (or any data really) into a beautiful piece of art. Typically most of these projects fail at doing justice to the data they’re trying to visualize.

Enter data hero Michael Rigley, BFA of California College of the Arts’ graphic design program. His data visualization animation is does truth to the numbers in his piece about tracing what happens to the data that we spew into the digital landscape every day. Take a look at some of the sample screens from his animation below and be sure to catch the video.
Data visualization
Information Design
Information Visualization

Information Design

Network from Michael Rigley on Vimeo.

Information technology has become a ubiquitous presence. By visualizing the processes that underlie our interactions with this technology we can trace what happens to the information we feed into the network.

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Michael Rigley‘s Portfolio –
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