The Grenade We Are Magnolias

The Grenade: A Chaotic Visual Poem By We Are Magnolias

We Are Magnolias reached out to Creative Fluff to share their short film The Grenade. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read the description they sent over:

A state of complete disorder. Fragments gain meaning from a magnetic collision. The Grenade is a cosmic explosion of feelings which portray a chaotic and subversive universe of feelings and questions in a full eruption.

Moments into pressing the play button, I realized their film synopsis was accurate: The Grenade is truly a destructive mashup of visuals, spoken word, guitar riffs, and sharp transitions. To most viewers, the film will seem as if it is chaos for chaos’s sake… and those viewers would be wrong. We have to take a look at the context for this short film: We Are Magnolias is an artistic collective based in Brazil where rampant government corruption and violent protests are the norm. Those most affected by these chaotic times are the youth so it is unsurprising that we see young people juxtaposed with sex, violence, and chaos throughout the film. What’s interesting is that The Grenade, despite representing chaos, uses spoken word to indicate a clear message of hope that isn’t lost throughout the film.

This is an excellent example of experimental video and you should definitely take a look at the credits and share it with your friends if you’re into this kinda weird stuff.

Artist Information



  • Directed and Produced by We are Magnolias
  • Presented by Revista J’adore
  • Concept Editorial By Monjua
  • Screenplay by We are Magnolias
  • Cinematography by João Fröhlich
  • Art Direction by Fabi Zanol
  • Editing by Fabio Canale
  • Color grading by Pshyco’n’look
  • Sound Production by PRDTR
  • Post Production by Efecktor
  • Special thanks to Hungry Man and Crew

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