On The Run

The Rusted Pixel – On the Run

Paul McMahon’s personal project On the Run is just the cutest thing we’ve seen in months. At first I wasn’t entirely sure if these were sculptures or not, but after finding out they were 3D models I’m still just as impressed. Like watercolours on card but somehow neither of those things, I’ve discovered a new appreciation for 3D work. Be sure to check out the accompanying work videos to see the spectacular amount of detail McMahon puts into his work; his ability to use C4D, BodyPaint, Corel Painter, and After Effects is on another level entirely.

Adorable, quirky, and impeccably done, give your eyeballs a biscuit by checking out the full project.

More about the project can be found on The Rusted Pixel.

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Zola Paulse

Zola Paulse

Zola Paulse is a jack-of-all-trades from Lancashire, England. She enjoys art, physics and astronomy, chain smoking and speaking about herself in third person.