Calvin Cardioid – Everything To Me / A Cute Animation About A Lonely Astronaut

Calvin  Cardioid AnimationYour day can’t go wrong if you start it with an adorable animation about a lonely astronaut traveling through a low-polygon version of space and time. We have music artist Calvin Cardioid to thank for this music video as well as German animators/motion graphic artists Philipp Feigenbutz and Anna-Maria Scharf from Studio Feix. The trio worked together to develop a fantastic video for the song ‘Everything to Me’. The music video follows the journey of a spaceman as he navigates the stars – I mean let’s be honest, who needs friends when you can listen to sweet beats and cruise through an endless vacuum? Take a look at some of our choice screenshots below and be sure to watch the video a couple of times to let whatever meaning there is sink in.

Calvin Cardioid   Everything To Me

Calvin Cardioid   Everything To Me on Vimeo

Calvin Cardioid   Everything To Me Vimeo

More about the artists:

This is the official music video for Calvin Cardioid’s “Everything To Me”, animated by Studio Feix: Philipp Feigenbutz and Anna-Maria Scharf. Character animation was done with markerless motion capturing using iPi Soft.


Calvin Cardioid
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