Cabbit by Soogie // The Cross-hatching Technique at its Best

We love when our community sends us new and exciting work from talented artists. Today’s treasure comes in the form of a sweet, charming & heartfelt animation called ‘Cabbit‘. The animation is a story about a Cabbit wandering the world in peace until it finally meets humans. Ah yes, humans and their wonderful disregard for nature’s splendor. There is a happy ending, though that largely depends on your viewpoint of ‘happy’. Soogie’s work features a level of technical genius in his use of traditional illustration tools (paper & pen) as well as the employment of the crosshatching technique. What’s even more impressive is that this was put together with just Photoshop, a mac-mini & iMovie. Besides the animator’s techniques, credit MUST be given to the foley artist Adrien Medhurst as well as the amazing music score by Kadavre Exquis. Enjoy some of the gorgeous illustrations below and don’t forget to watch the movie in HD.

7 Cars-B

2 Intro-B

4 Valley-B

6 Bison-B

Cabbit A film by Soogie
Producers: John Kassab and Greg Sugano
Associate Producer: Emma Koster
Music: Kadavre Exquis
Editor: Andre Gorgievski
Sound: John Kassab and Adrian Medhurst
Post FX and Titles: Matt Arnold

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