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Action Method – Online Project Management software for when Sticky Notes aren’t Enough.

That’s what the tagline for Behance’s online project management software called Action Method.  The software claims to be a “radical approach to productiviity and project management”(ActionMethod.com) both online and offline.  Therein lies one of the most interesting features: the fact that whether I’m on the go or at home toiling away, I can access my projects at any given time and update them with where I am on a project. Let me tell you being a designer means at any given moment there’s 1000 projects that you have to keep track of.

After making a free account you set up your project based on the following factors:

ACTION STEPS are tasks that need to be completed. Each Action Step should start with a verb: “Call Y,” “Follow up with X,” “Buy a gift for Z.”
REFERENCES are notes, links, files, sketches – any information related to a project that gives context to your Action Steps.
BACKBURNERS are the brilliant ideas that you want to come back to later, but are not yet actionable.
DISCUSSIONS enable you to manage ongoing conversations across all of your projects with anyone that works with you. All relevant communications (shared documents, solutions to problems, feedback, decisions) are in one place.
EVENTS are the key occasions/meetings/milestones/etc toward which you (and your team) are working. Events can be used to coordinate deadlines for Action Steps. (ActionMethod.com)
After making my own account I found that although very useful and true to the name of being creativly functional project management software, Action Method falls prey to the learning curve that is sure to plague less tech-savvy designers or business people.  Despite the learning curve, Action Method has enough foresight to provide plent of information via text and video based tutorials and an extensive FAQ section.  If you need new software, or you are just starting out with project management, give ActionMethod a shot.

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