5 Inspirational Website Designs

1. Kuler

A creative an intuitive swatch color website from adobe.  You can choose a color theme, save it to Adobe products and use them in there.  You can also pick apart the colors on pictures uploaded to flickr.  This is a must have website for web graphic designers and possibly print designers too.

2.  Ma.Gnolia

Aside from featuring a design considerably better than Del.icio.us, this new social bookmarking site is much more intuitive, friendly, and manageable than its rivals.  It offers DO-Follow links such for you SEO lovers out there I highly recommend this social booking marking site to you.

2.  Bright Creative

Bright Creative is a one-man design & web studio run by Dave Shea, of css Zen Garden and mezzoblue fame¹. Based in Vancouver, Bright Creative takes web and application design commissions from clients around the globe. “

4.  Popmatik

The creative design portfolio of a web/interactive based designer.  The reason this website made the list was it’s decision to use an empty bottle of the focal point of the user’s eye.  Simple, clean, and easy to navigate.  Popmatik manages to set itself aside in a world of design portfolios.

5.  Davor Vaneijk

An online impression of Davor Vaneijk’s work, information about who he is and some personally designed downloads.  It’s the layout that had me sold from the get-go with the creative use of typography in a web based system.  The relationship between generally dull colors.  (the lack of web 2.0 glossy buttons made it worthwhile too).  Check out his work for inspiration.

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