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Creative Fluff seems to have attracted an eclectic and innovative group of people lately. A few weeks ago we were contacted by a group named Shandle. At the time I was like “well, what the hell is a Shandle?” I quickly found out that a Shandle is single-handedly the greatest innovation for single men, frat boys, potty-training (for toddlers or frat boys…or single men for that matter), and girlfriends obsessed with clean bathrooms. The Shandle is a device for any toilet seat that serves as a handle for the lower toilet cover. You know the second seat that you never want to touch because its either grimy or you’re at your friends place and you’re not quite sure who else has touched it or what could possibly be under there? Shandle solves that problem.

We were lucky enough to be sent samples from one of the employees and we went ahead and took pictures of the unpacking process. As much as we would like to post pictures of the Shandles in use, we found that Katherine’s toilet seat was considerably too high-tech for it to be installed in, and mine was..well. There won’t be any pictures of my bathroom anytime soon. (Didn’t get a clean enough bathroom). You’ll have to take my word on it, but the Shandle works well on most standard toilets and they come in over 60 assorted designs. Some are silly while others have decent contemporary designs so there’s a Shandle for everyone. Below are pictures of one of our favorite Shandles. When the bathroom is in Fluff-tastic condition we’ll post pictures of it in action.





If you’re looking for something that would give your friends a laugh when they have to use your restroom, I highly suggest you head on over to Shandle and order yourself a couple.

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