Solar Sailing Super-Yachts

Super-yachts owned by super-billionaires aren’t usually thought of as being environmentally friendly. They are, first and foremost, symbols of in-your-face wealth, (and, in some cases, possibly signs of having to compensate for something.) But a new interest in making sea transportation energy efficient has been emerging.

CNN’s article,  “Solar sails could turn super-yachts green”, points out how Solar Sailor, an energy company based in Sydney, is working towards creating fin-like solar “sails” for large boats, acting as a sail but also as a large, energy-generating solar panel, minimizing fuel consumption.

Though not the greatest looking things in the world, the environmental benefits of a large solar-powered watercraft, ships, and shipping vessels are enormous.


A recent airing of Man-Made, on the National Geographic Channel, about the engineering that went into building the Queen Mary 2 ( pointed out the massive amounts of energy needed to not only put the ship into motion, but to keep everything on board functional. Maybe a future Queen Mary 3 could benefit from some solar power?

The CNN article can be found at:

[Images from CNN and Solar Sailor]

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