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It’s becoming commonplace that I don’t actually find these links to amazing artwork and design on my own, but that I get linked to them by other creative fluff members or one of our many subscribers ( I say many because we’re so popular I can’t be bothered to keep track).  This time around I was given a link which took me to the impressive work of Joy Deangdeelert Cho and her line of creative print design under the studio name: Nantaka Joy.  Her Work has been featured in mainstream magazines such as: How, Home Companion, Wedding, Craft, and Lucky.

Above is a picture of her “Ombre Lace Grey Tiny Card” which is an excellent example of her creative textile design which features a visually stimulating juxtaposition of foil and playful patterns as the cover to a normal sized note card.  The note card, obviously meant for meaningless scribbles, gives anything that a person has to put down with ink significant meaning.  Her work instantly transforms anything written within the notecard into a keepsake no matter how inane.

Another example of her famous ‘playful patterns’ can bee seen with her “A Note – Agate Grey” which features an interesting “textural combination of…high and low elements” (    Lineart has always been a creative artform which only recently held attention in the high art and design spotlight.  If you go to the MoMA store anytime in the next couple of weeks you’ll notice a large collection of line art stationery for sale.  Though Cho isn’t featured at the MoMA (yet) that doesn’t mean her work doesn’t deserve museum treatment.  Below is another piece of her work which came out five days ago: “Woodcut Floral File Folders – NEW!”

If you’re still reading this post you shouldn’t be.  You should be over at her website taking a look at the rest of her work because I’m sure my descriptions of her wonderful work don’t give her enough credit.

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