Kindle 2: The unboxing, part 2

So yesterday, I posted something on the Kindle 2’s packaging. Unfortunately, as it was a gift I could do the actual unboxing, but it is revealed today.


Removing the ultra light box from its paper slip, the container is a simple molded carton stamped with the product name. Simple enough. No excess use of material, no fancy glossy paper, all recyclable material to be environmentally friendly.




The Kindle 2 has a nice and simple keyboard, with pleasing “round button” tactile quality that didn’t exist in on the first keyboard. It also comes without the awkward shape of the first Kindle, finished in back with a sleek brushed metal.




And finally after removing the Amazon Kindle, one would then begin to reap the benefits of the ebook reader with its beautiful free web access… an attractive quality for even those who don’t do the ebook thing.


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The Kindle 2 can be found at Amazon here.

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