Kindle 2: Packaging may make you go “ooooooo”

So I received Amazon’s Kindle 2 today, though it’s not mine, I’m seriously considering getting one just so I can experience the un-boxing of my own. However, because this is a gift, the un-boxing of the product must wait! I did get to remove the Kindle 2 box from the .. um.. box. You’ll understand when I get to the photos.

Here’s what happened. I got this light little Amazon box, and when I opened up the cardboard box it was shipped in, I was greeted with a lively graphic of glossy black letters sprinkled across a matte black interior. Still can’t help but run my finger across the forms of the glossy alphabet.



Then removing the actual Kindle 2 packaging, I found more of the delightful letter splatter in the bottom of the box, encircling the recycle icon.


… And it becomes evident that the Kindle has gone green.

If you remember the first Kindle, you’ll remember a chunkier box that looked something like this:


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Kindle 2’s packaging is greener. It’s obvious that the environment was taken into consideration. The thick, bulky box of the Kindle 1, is now replaced by a lightweight black material similar to that of an egg carton that houses the Kindle 2 in its belly (I’m guilty of trying to remove it without actually opening it, but to no avail).


The same glossy letter splatter is found on the smooth paper cover enveloping the rounded case, creating in the center a badge for the name “Amazon Kindle”. This paper wrap seems flimsy, but is actually acting as a kind of security system (at least for me in this case) as well the decorative element of the packaging.



And here is where it stops. I can go no further until this gift has been opened. AH! THE FRUSTRATION! This post is to be continued when the gift has been opened and held hostage momentarily by me and my camera. Stay tuned for the unveiling…(tomorrow?)

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