Keep Friends Close Anemones Closer

What is to come may shock, surprise, and even catch you with your fly down; but take heart, for although your squeaky red nose and ginormous carefully manufactured plastic rubber booties stained with the vomit of a thousand children illuminate you to your foes, if you find yourself in the arms of these anemones you will surely be kept safe from harm!

Red Anemona Lamp

Well, at the very least a bland and boring living space….

These Lamps Entitled “Anemona” were designed and created by Igor Pinigin founder of Studio Dorogaya.

Designer Lamps Anemona

As you can see, the lamps are quite unique as they attempt to recreate the structure and movement of a sea anemone.

Anemona Lamps

These lamps have the ability to be placed in all sorts of interesting formations and situations, and the sleek and graceful tendril like design allows for a fluid look, and a “life” like feeling when the lamps are placed together.

"Anemona" Lamps

“How do they do that!?!?” in an obnoxious high pitched whiny Erkel like voice.

Well, here is a lovely diagram (Provided courteously by Mr. Pinigin Himself!) of how these lamps work, it is quite a simple concept and by being such allows the design and implementation of the lamps to be easy, usable, and creative.

Visually Unsteady Lamps

As you can see, these glass balls inside the lamp keep the lamp weighted, while giving it the ability to be positioned in a variety of different ways. It is definitely an inspiring design piece, and goes to show that with a little creativity and simple physics you can create interesting and visually unique designs with virtually any medium.


If you would like to find out more about the “Anemona” lamp, or view more of the interesting designs done by Igor Pinigin, you can visit his personal page here.

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