Jolyon Yates ODE Chair: Designer of the Week

I suppose people are starting to like us over in Europe; or maybe for some reason our design blog just happens to rank better.  All of the same, we over here at Creative Fluff received an email from the Jolyon Yates design studio based in Northumberland England.  Yates informed Creative Fluff of his 2008 line of ODE Chairs, a new venture in industrial design.  However, before going into detail, let’s talk about Yates’ past which will help in giving us an insight to his creative sustainable design.

Born in Durham, England in 1968, Jolyon studied Industrial Design at Sheffield Hallam University and then Automotive Styling at the Royal College of Art, London. After a spell at Opel in Frankfurt, working on the development team of the World’s first wholly ‘virtual’ car design, Jolyon was invited to Style Porsche in Stuttgart. In this capacity he worked on major internal and external projects. In a freelance role, Jolyon went on to work with Stefan Stark, Seymour Powell and The Product Group. Returning to New Zealand in 1998, Jolyon taught Design at Massey University in Wellington before taking up a role at Bakewell-White Yacht Design in 2000 Jolyon now participates in various international transport and design projects: his specialties include conceptualisation, development, rapid prototyping, visualization, print and web”

Our Designer Katherine describes the chairs as “very contemporary while maintaining their organic shape to them; most contemporary furniture is characterized by hard edges and simplistic forms without taking the human into account.” The chairs also remain “artistic” and it is “enjoyable to see that the furniture “is available in the original wood grain which would make the environment that it’s in more comfortable than it would be if it were made with cheap acrylic.  They also remain comfortable in appearance though the wooden grain might suggest otherwise.”

Overall, we were very impressed with Yates work and suggest taking a look at his website for more information on other products and updates with their design studio.

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