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More and more designers have been emailing use their work as of late and I never thought I would see the day where I had to swim through design projects, designers, and exhibitions on a daily basis.   I’m obligated of course to take care of these in the order they arrive and this week Creative Fluff Design Blog is proud to have chosen DelineoDesign, a young Italian Student Designer who has an affinity for the modern, chic, and trendy.  His goals, in his own words are to “discover, experiment, reflect, and observe” and though his words might be out of order to me personally as a designer (which is my translation from Italian to English).  Delineo has skills across a series of mediums and I have had the pleasure to go through his work and choose what I found to be his most influential work.

I think it’s best if I start with his most ecletic work.  Aside from the modern furniture designs you will find on his personal website and later in this review, Delineo has a knack for functional footwear.  These soccer cleats (my favorite sport) are egonomically designed to conform to that natural shape of the human foot.  Much a trend in Delineo’s work, we find his taste of modernism.

One of his more interesting pieces, this lounge chair easily comes off as something you would find in an alien’s apartment, or perhaps your own living room ten years down the road.  Conceptually ahead of its time, this chair manages to retain what looks to be both comfort, and Delineo’s aesthetic tastes.

This last piece, and perhaps one of the most important ones in his collection is the Korebo racing mountain bike design specifically for the human body and comfort.  I would love to own one of these and can’t wait for them to wind up in the production stage.   If you want to see more of this young Italian student designer’s work, make sure to check him out at:

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