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I’m pleased to bring the public something different from our normal gamut of posts about graphic design, creative illustrations, and kickass web applications.  Today we’ve been contacted by a famous hometown industrial lighting design studio: Concealed Lighting.

Concealed Lighting

Located in both New York City (Creative Fluff’s base) and Buenos Aires, Concealed Lighting has managed to provide innovative solutions for creative problems posed by clients for lighting design.  The first, and possibly my most favorite examples are their display lighting examples.

Concealed Lighting Displays

Aside from the fact that I’m a sucker for anything that glows blue, I found their creative display lighting reminiscent of fibirous spider webs and it was an excellent example of using natura as the basis for a design concept.  What’s most interesting about this specific example is that it uses its subtle lighting to make impressive  shadow illustrations on plain walls getting rid of any need to spend money on creative wallpaper.

Creative Lighting Display

This second example is a completely lit bookcase / storage displace with built in LED’s that illuminate every compartment.  Concealed Lighting’s use of LED’s instead of lightbulbs offer them the ability to consume less energy, it allows for flexible/subtle lighting sources, and it is less likely to set anything on fire removing any and all health hazzards.  The bookcase remains minimal and fuctional while retaining the ability to qualify for something that would be displayed in the MoMA’s product design section.

The final piece from concealed lighting I want to discuss is the Nikon display.   The subtle lighting in the background is far from a neon sign with Nikon’s name on it.  Instead it is a warm, f uzzy, but recognizable version of the logo created by hundreds of golden LED’s.  Even though its a lighting display it manages to retain Nikon’s corporate branding while expressing it in a creative manner.

Nikon Lighting Display

If you need lighting design done for you or just want to check out their portfolio make sure to see them here:

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