Chinese Democracy: About F*#king Time

About f*#king time. Seventeen years ago, a band called Guns N’ Roses released their last studio album of original content. After some infighting, in 1994, Axel Rose began work on the bands next album: Chinese Democracy. It will be released November 23rd of this year. I repeat: About f*#king time.


The cover shows a parked bicycle, that looks like its made for transportation of goods, with a large basket on the back. Guns N’ Roses can be seen spray painted on the wall next to the bike. The entire image is sepia toned that gives it an old, classic feel. The location pictured is dingy enough to give a 3rd world vibe or at least a one of a developing nation like the one depicted in the title. The title of the album and name of the band is sideways and pushed to the dark mauve colored boarder off to the right.


The overall feel the cover gives me is that this is trying to say it is a classic album. Thematically it fits the title and we’ll see if it fits the music as well. Either way it looks great.


Chinese Democracy will be sold exclusively at Best Buy on November 23rd for $11.99 on CD and $19.99 on vinyl. You can pre-order now.


Once last time: About f*#king time.

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